Hey there, I’m Val, an alternative yogi at heart.

I have never felt like I fit into the typical crowd of yogis. All the yogis who dress and sound alike.  I love yoga and to me that means showing up for myself, not for others.  Totally fitting in has never been my bag.  Sharing my vibe and leading others toward theirs is what makes me excited to start my day.

Yoga is meant for EVERY BODY,  and with personalized yoga sessions I cater to each students needs, specializing in yoga for cross training, athletic conditioning and postpartum bodies. To help you grow your yoga practice and reach your goals, you can take live classes (in-person or online) or use one of my pre-recorded videos.

An alternative yoga vibe can be found through my videos, programs and personal interactions.  Giving EVERYONE the opportunity to practice and grow while keeping it down to earth, maybe at times, a little unconventional, that’s my jam.

More about me: 

Born and raised in Colorado, I started running as a young gal (pre-teens) and haven’t looked back.

Growing up looking different, being a redhead with freckles, I struggled to “fit in”.  Looking a little different helped me understand what I wanted and what I truly enjoyed rather than following the crowd.  Running was a way for me to “fit in” but it was something I was good at and LOVED!

Yoga started as a supplement to my running and other workouts and swimming.  At first it was about getting a good stretch in and increasing my flexibility.  As I continued learning and growing in my yoga practice I started to feel a deeper connection with my body and breath.

Yoga has seen me through college, graduate school,  through my pregnancy and many transitions in life.  It has always been a way for me to find comfort and feel like I’m home, no matter where I am.  As a teacher living abroad and teaching in one of the worst states for education, I clung to my loves of running, working out and yoga to stay grounded and in a good headspace.

As the years chugged on, I got more and more burnt out.  Finding something different was a dream that quickly turned into a necessity.  Attending yoga teacher training was something I visited on and off for years.

With a little push from my husband, I finally went all in with yoga!

After completing a 200 hour RYT (yoga teacher training), I continued to deepen my knowledge by starting a 300 hour RYT and attending workshops.  I was all in until after I had my son.  Prior to delivery, having a daily self practice was easy and kept me strong.

After I was cleared for exercise, I started to ramp up my running and yoga with no fear of pelvic pain or abdominal separation.  Man was I WRONG!  After about six months, I started hitting yoga again trying to regain my core strength.  Running some races including a half marathon were goals too.

I realized something wasn’t quite right and saw a pelvic floor physical therapist, researching and things started to heal.  Being the competitive and very disciplined person that I am, I jumping right back in.  So after having to go through therapy twice and having some major physical set backs (pelvic pain, sore back and shoulders just to mention a few), I started again and have been super in tune with my body and how my needs change day to day.

Running and practicing yoga into my older (even elderly) years is a major goal!

It all starts with listening to and honoring my body.  I hope to help my students do the same.