Start your journey or deepen your practice with personalized yoga sessions. Gain new insights during your practice with one-on-one instruction. Each session can be catered to your unique goals.
If you prefer to practice with no goal in mind, I can help you increase strength, flexibility and awareness. Linking the breath to movement or holds can help you expand mind and body awareness.

Supporting Your Unique Journey

Learn to apply alignment and muscle engagement while using the breath to move through poses. Each session is geared toward your unique needs.

Yin Yoga Sessions

Yin Yoga sessions can help you get into the deeper connective tissues of the body while learning to breath through various postures. The connecting with the body and mind can be more enhanced with this type of practice.

Balance the body with a flow and slower paced class. Yang yoga is a active form of yoga while Yin poses are held for longer periods of time.