Personalized Yoga Sessions

  • Start your journey or deepen your practice with Personalized Yoga Sessions. Gain new insights during your practice with one-on-one instruction. Each session can be catered to your unique goals.
  • If you prefer to practice with no goal in mind, I can help you increase strength, flexibility and awareness.
  • Yoga sessions include Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Core Vinyasa Yoga that is safe for the postpartum body.

Types of Yoga Classes I Offer:

Athletic Conditioning Vinyasa Yoga 

core strengthening yogaConditioning for athletes yoga sessions help athletes find a way to build strength and flexibility through yoga poses.  This is perfect for cross training days or adding strength to your routine.  Full body strength training can help build strength in areas that are otherwise neglected.  Stretching the muscles can also help improve everyday movement as well as performance.

Vinyasa & Core Yoga that is Safe for a Diastasis Recti

Focusing on core strength is important for everyday movement as well.  Core yoga classes will focus on building strength through the whole core (abs, back and obliques).  Sometimes people deal with abdominal separation after pregnancy, injury or repeated incorrect movements.  Although building core strength is important when there is injury practicing yoga safely can be beneficial.  This type of class helps strengthen the core for everyone however is generally safe for someone with a diastasis recti.

Vinyasa Yoga

summer yogaVinyasa yoga links breath to movement, which can help you become more aware of the breath throughout your day.  Learn to apply alignment and muscle engagement while using the breath to move through poses.  Vinyasa yoga can help you expand mind and body awareness, while building strength and stamina.

Yin Yoga

Yin yogaYin Yoga classes target deeper connective tissues of the body.  This form of yoga is a little different because poses are held for longer periods of time.  The practitioner is encouraged to feel the sensations of the body while learning to focus the breath during the various postures. The connection with the body and mind can be more enhanced with this type of practice.

**Yin yoga can be combined with a more movement based yoga class as well.  Flow to Yin Yoga can help balance the body with flow and longer held yoga poses. Yang (flow) yoga is a active form of yoga while Yin poses are held for longer periods of time.