I’m Val,


Building strength and flexibility through Vinyasa Flow to build a strong body & mind.

When it comes to my students, I give my all by holding a warm and inviting presence throughout each class or session.  Each class is planned out according to a theme or goal.  That space is held unless there is something more pressing.  Meaning if a student comes to me asking for something special in a private session, I will accommodate that request.  If a class feels a certain way, I may abandon the plan altogether and find something that fits the mood.

I am excited about helping YOU find a sustainable yoga and wellness practice through personalized and group classes or workshops. Leading you in person or online is super exciting.

Since you’re hear, something tells me you are looking for something different in your yoga practice or looking to start your journey. Focusing on yoga for athletes, specifically runners and cross trainers, can help you build core and whole body strength.


Because I’ve always wanted to teach in some way.

I have a masters in curriculum and instruction and started out in education where I taught for a little over 9 years. Teaching and helping others has always been a calling.

Over 15 years ago I started practicing yoga as a way to stretch and supplement my daily running activities. After considering yoga teacher training for a few years, I realized I loved teaching but wanted to help others on their yogic journey. After completing my 200 hour RYT (registered yoga training), I went on right away and got 75+ more hours toward a 300 hour teacher training.

Yoga has helped me grow stronger, more flexible as well as accepting of myself and others, both on and off my mat. It’s helped me stay balanced and I am grateful for everything I’ve learned and continue to learn.


Tradition is essential however innovation and valuing our modern world is also something that drives my teaching and personal practice.

Getting started in a yoga studio can be intimidating and expensive. You may love yoga but don’t dig the traditional studio vibe. With live group classes, live one-on-one classes or pop-up and workshop classes (done in person), you can practice when, where and how you want. Being out of a studio setting allows you to feel less intimidated. By taking online classes you can do yoga from the comfort of your own home. Either way you will have an alternative experience!