10 Ideas for a Sustainable Morning Routine

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Google “morning routine” and so many things pop-up with all kinds of information for setting a good morning routine. Having suggestions is a great way to help you narrow down the things that are most important for YOU! Ultimately you have to decide what’s right for you. These 10 Ideas for a Sustainable Morning Routine will help a few things stick.

Some suggestions may resonate with you and others might seem like too much work or unlike you. Everyone is different and needs different things. For example, on of my main components of a consistent morning routine is running or getting some sort of cardio with strength. If I don’t do this, my whole day is off. Each day my routine is basically the same. There are two days where I have easier commitments so I can’t dilly dally. Finding the right morning routine for you will hep set you up to be more productive and positive (usually). My point is my routine works for me but it took some practice.


To each his own, right?

Absolutely your routine should be yours! It might look different from your best friend’s but the most important part is that you make it work for you so it can be sustainable. Nothing is permanent and this is the case with a morning routine. It’s always an evolving process.

  1. Hydrate: After a long sleep (even if you only got 6 or 7 hours) giving the body some water or warm water with lemon will help with organ function including the most important organ, the brain. Water also helps rehydrate the other organs which allows for better bodily functions.

  2. Coffee or Tea: Pick your drink. Whether you like caffeine or decaf, having something special to drink could help brighten your morning. Plus if you like it warm, it helps bring some comfort into the morning.

  3. Movement: No matter what your ideal form of movement is, decide to do it at least 4-6 days a week. Stretch, walk, bike, run, swim, lift weights, etc. Do something you enjoy. The movement will increase brain function and mobility for the rest of the day.

  4. Breathe: Take a few moments to focus on your breath. This could be a full meditation or just a few in and out breaths to calm your mind and focus.

  5. Journal or Writing: Journaling can help bring light to things you are grateful for or things that make you happy. A few things you are looking forward to can help bring more focus into the day.

  6. Eating: A healthy breakfast is important for a good start. It’s cliche but true. Getting something with protein and good fat will help fuel the mind and body for a productive morning.

  7. Kindness: Doing something nice for another person or thing can help bring more positivity into the day. When you make someone else happy or do a good deed it will inevitably lift your mood.

  8. Plan: Much like writing, planning things out in your day or planning an enjoyable activity like having lunch with a friend or getting something special for dinner.

  9. Learn: Learning something new helps you grow. Continual learning is a vital skill of many successful people. That’s a plus!

  10. Listen: Stimulate your mind by listening to music or your favorite podcast.


Try a few things that resonate with you for a week or so. It’s helpful to make the commitment to doing these things daily to start to make a habit. Even if only two are three things become habit you would be surprised at how much better the day goes.

Don’t be afraid to share any other ideas that have worked for you!



Disclaimer: The information on this website (Alt Yoga Vibe) is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for medical treatment.  If you are experiencing any severe symptoms, please consult a healthcare practitioner. 

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