Weekly Running and Cross Training Workouts 5/22/17

I've decided to start a Weekly Running and Cross Training Workouts post.  Mainly because I like getting new ideas for cross training and running workouts.  I figured there are others who may benefit from my post.  Currently I am training for a 5K which I haven't done since I was in high school.  Usually if I run a 5K, I just run it and that's it.  Since having a baby, I have found training for various running events has helped me stick with my running on a weekly basis. It's not that I don't want to run but losing sleep for the last two years makes it harder to stay motivated to run and train.  I never really know when I will get a full nights sleep so, having a training program, even if I don't end up running any event, helps.  In February I ran a half marathon and have been planning a second but haven't decided on one.  Usually I run events that are not in the small city I live in.  This can get expensive therefore, I have decided to run as many events in my city as I can during the main running season, Summer.

Enter many 5 and 10 K's.  I stubbled upon an article in Running Times, about training to run a 5K under 20 minutes.  My fastest 5K has been about 22 minutes.  Being a competitive as I am, naturally this article intrigued me.   The next day I started training for my fastest 5K.

The training program is not much different from what I do on a weekly basis except it's a little more intense.  The only problem is that program is a 10 week program and most of the races start in the next couple weeks and continue throughout the summer.  Luckily, we will be in Denver around the 10 week mark, so I can put the training to the test.  Up until then I will run races just to see where I'm at throughout the 10 week program.

I will keep updating throughout the process.  In the meantime, here's my weekly workouts.  Hopefully you will find some inspiration at get motivated to train for your own race or just to get into shape.

This weeks cross training and running workouts

M-AMRAP workout, see videos below.  I was only able to complete four rounds due to time but normally I would have done 5 rounds, making the workout 45 minutes.

  • warm-up with 1 minute of jumping jacks, 4 exercises with 7 reps each, as many sets as possible in 7 minutes.
    • round one: lateral high knees, jumping-jack planks, mountain climbers, squat jumps
    • round two: modified speed skater, burpees (traditional), squat with side kick, push-ups
    • round three: full speed skater, 40-sec plank, donkey kick with side leg raise, jumping lunges
    • round four: sumo squat, jumping jacks crossing legs in the middle, v-sits, mountain climbers crossing knee to opposite elbow

AMRAP jumping jack planks               AMRAP speed skater               AMRAP donkey kicks

T- 8x400 at 5k pace, with a minute rest in between sets and about 20-30 second jogs during the set.

W-Easy 3.5 mile run, with dynamic stretching and 5 minutes of planks, handstand and headstand strengthening moves

Th-Hill repeats.  Warm up with 1.5 miles.  Ran hills for 10 seconds, with a 45-90 second jog.  Repeated 6 times.  Ran 4 strides and cooled down with one easy mile and stretches.

F-15 minute HITT workout (40 secs on, 20 secs off), 60 minute advanced yoga class

  • burpee pops (I got the idea from PaleOMG), side planks, cross jumping jacks, lunge jumps
  • handstand mountain climbers, planks touching opposite shoulder and alternating, wide leg squat jumps, speed skaters

S-4.5 mile easy run

S-10 mile easy trail run with 5 minute planks and handstand strengthening exercises



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