Weekly Running and Cross Training Workouts 6/12/17

Last weeks, weekly Running and Cross training workouts had some intense body-weight strength training.  I was exhausted from not sleeping well the night before and we had electricians, a roofer, a nurse (my elderly father in-law lives with us) and a contractor here throughout the morning and early afternoon.  So, every time I turned around and was going to try to get my workout in, someone was here and I couldn't get it going.  I finally just said, I'm doing this now or never and got a quick one in.  Once that was done and the influx of people slowed, I was also able to get a good yoga session in. I never really understood why people (especially mom's) would say they just didn't have time to workout.  Now I get it.  It really takes schedule managing and drive to stick with even a quick workout like my 26 minute Monday workout.  Which, by the way, made me so sore but I love it!  I think part of why it took me longer to recover was because I did the running speed work the day after working hard with squats and lunges.  None the less, feeling sore for a day or two makes me feel like I accomplished something.  It helps to know I am changing my body one workout at a time.  Feel the burn! ha

Anyway because I was so sore I decided to put off another speed workout until Friday and the pool workout was just the ticket.  The water soothes my muscles and swimming challenges different muscles and works different areas therefore I was able to recover a little more.

Access to the outdoor pool is a great thing about the summer.  The indoor pools in this town are awful or cost a lot to have a membership.  When I am only using the pool once a week, it makes no sense to spend the money.  The outdoor pool is just down the street and there is no membership fee, so it's perfect.  Plus if I go in the morning, it's hardly every busy.  That's the worst, to get all ready to workout and then have to wait or deal with all kinds of people working out too.  I think that is one reason I love running so much.  There's never a line or a bunch of people when you decide to run unless it's at the gym on a treadmill, but who wants to do that?

Saturday's run may have been better spent on the treadmill.  We have a wildfire burning just North-west of our little town.  The wind was nonexistent so there was a fair amount of smoke in the morning.  It was also about 80 degrees F when I ran so those two factors made it difficult to enjoy the easy run.  Treadmills do have their place for sure.

I hope you get some inspiration and ideas from my workouts this week.  New (or perhaps forgotten about) ideas always keep things fresh, which helps to keep motivation up.  On to the workouts!

Running and Cross Training Workouts

M- 1 minute warm-up and cool down of jumping jacks; 2 separate rounds of 4 types of movements, each with as many sets as possible (to equal 12 minutes each) + 60 minutes of Vinyasa Yoga practice

  • Round one: 20 squat jumps, 10 fire hydrants with straight leg donkey kicks (10 each leg), Speed Skater hops (20 total), 10 lunges with a squat in between
  • Round two: 10 burpees with no jump, 8 burpees with a jump, 6 burpees with a push-up, 4 burpee-pops, 4 jumping lunges  (click on the words to see pictures for more clarification)

T- 1 mile warm-up, speed work running 200, 400, 600, 800, 300 meters at 5K speed (pretty fast) with about a 100 or 200 meter slow jog, finished with 1.25 mile cool down; 30 minute slow vinyasa session

W- Easy 3.25 mile run (super easy, I am still sore from my Monday workout)

Th- 100 meter free style warm-up, reverse pyramid (50-100-150-100-50) swimming at a decent speed, breast stroke first then free style. 250 meters of breast and 250 m of free style. 2x50 fast butterfly and back stroke. 100 easy free style for cool down

F- 1.5 mile warm-up (with a few high knees and groin dynamic stretches), 8 strides including two hill strides, 1 mile cool down.  The run ended up being about 4.5 miles total.

S- 5.5 miles easy run, 30 minutes vinyasa yoga for strength (a lot of progressive planks, warrior II, crow and tripod headstand)

S- 7 mile run with two tempo miles, on relatively flat terrain, cool down with easy flow yoga for 15 minutes (downward dog, standing wide angle forward fold, anjaneyasana, quad-stretch, surya namaskar A, handstands, supported headstand)



Disclaimer: The information on this website (Alt Yoga Vibe) is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for medical treatment or hands on instruction.  If you are experiencing any severe pain or symptoms, please consult a healthcare practitioner.