Weekly Workouts for Running and Cross Training 6/19/17

This weeks weekly workouts for running and cross training are brought to you mostly from Ventura, CA.  We have been thinking about moving to Ventura for a while now and wanted to take a visit before really making the final decision.  We have had so many contractors and workers in our house for the past month that it was nice to get away. When my husband and I bought our house in Flagstaff, there was so much updating and work to be done.  It's been an ongoing process and we knew it would be a big undertaking.  When we first moved we set a five year plan since we weren't sure we wanted to stay in this small town.  We both grew up in big cities (Denver and L.A.) so a small mountain town seemed like a fun adventure.  Adventure, hardly, but it's all part of our journey.

The house has been a huge project house.  Buying it there was so much potential but also many many projects.  It seemed like it would be fun to fix it up and make it ours.  Another great thing was the view.  In Flagstaff, there are two "mountains" and we have a view of one of the "mountains" from our sliding doors and back windows.  I say "mountain" because it's really an inactive volcano and some hills.  Most people who live here would disagree with me but growing up in the Rocky Mountains, nothing compares.

Throughout the five years of fixing up the house and living in a smaller town we have been back and forth with moving but we are ready to leave.  With this decision, the fix ups have been kicked up to high speed.  It's great but stressful too.  And all this with a 22 month old makes it difficult for things to get done. Vacation has been a long time coming.

Ventura has been amazing!  Even the "June Gloom" was better than being in the 90 degree weather of Flagstaff.  On Saturday the sky cleared and it got sunny for most of the day.  It was amazing being in a place with beautiful succulent plants and ocean air!  I loved running near the ocean but also seeing the rolling hills.  Such a great place to be outdoors.  My workouts felt easier and more fun this past week.  Usually people don't workout or only workout a couple times when on vacation but I found myself wanting to run, workout and do yoga everyday with no gripes!  Ventura has the perfect combo of beach and mountain type trails.  It's so amazing.

Weekly Workouts for Running and Cross training

M- 1-mile brisk walk (to get the toddler to sleep and for fresh air), 2-15 minute circuits with as many rounds as possible in the 15 minutes

  • Circuit one:20 warrior/goddess squats (10 each side), 10 crow burpees, 10 ball tucks, 10 handstand kicks (5 each side), 20 mountain climbers

weekly workouts warrior II goddess                           weekly workouts downdog crow burpees

  • Circuit two (inspiration from PaleOMG): 10 burpees with push-up and jump, 20 jumping lunges (10 each side), 1-minute jumping jacks, 12 burpee-pops, 1-minute plank

T- 1.5 mile easy warm-up, 200, 400, 800, 400, 200 sprints (5K race pace), 1.25 mile easy cool down, stretching yoga poses (downward dog, modified lunge with quad stretch, forward fold, goddess stretch)

W- 3.5 mile easy run , with about 4-5 sets of 15-20 reps (I was traveling in the car for 8 hours so every time I stopped, I did some sumo squats, lunges and side kicks just to get the blood flowing)

Th- 1.5 mile warm-up run, 10 super steep hills with about a minute of slow jogging in between to regain my breath), 1.5 mile cool down run. I was really sore from riding in the car all day so a 20 minute slow flow yoga session was in order (surya namaskar, anjaneyasana, twisted modified lunge, warrior II, trikonasana, extended side angle, retreating warrior pose, handstand, bridge, wheel, supported headstand, reclined twist, savasana)

F- 20 minute workout: 2 minutes of jumping jacks to warm-up, 15 minutes of the following exercises, as many rounds as I could do (5 rounds) and another three minutes of jumping jacks and skater hops for 3 minutes.  Yoga in the park which was gentle but also worked some major muscles groups.

  • burpee with a hop and push-up (10 reps)
  • jumping lunges (10 each side)
  • boat pose to low boat-see picture below (10 reps)
  • alternating between side plank, regular plank and side plank (opposite side) for one minute each (15 second holds)

boat pose Weekly Workouts for Running and Cross training

S- 5.25 mile easy run, 25 minutes of twisty yoga to support my digestive system (I have been struggling with digestive issues and an auto-immune disease for years but more recently had flare ups after my son was born.  This trip has been a struggle too)

S- 8 mile run, mostly smooth and even surface but there were a few hills thrown in at the beginning and end of the run.  Short 15 minute beach yoga session with warrior II, trikonasana, extended side angle, humble warrior, crow, tripod headstand, anjaneyasana and fallen triangle poses.

I hope you can use these as inspiration and that it gives you ideas for mixing up your regular workout/running routines.



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