Healthy Eating Tips For Summer and BBQ Parties

Healthy Eating Tips For Summer and BBQ Parties

Summer is in full swing and with that there are holidays and parties that usually involve BBQ's.  BBQ's bring about over eating or unhealthy eating habits.  This post will give some healthy eating tips to use during the Summer and BBQ Season.  These Healthy Eating Tips For Summer and BBQ parties can help you stick with a healthy eating plan while still being able to engage in fun social events.

It can be really hard to eat healthy while attending social events.  It can also be difficult to stick with healthy eating goals in the summer, especially, because it's hot and schedules are not super consistent.  I am really clean with my eating most of the time but the past few weeks I haven't been as consistent due to traveling, spending time with out of town guests and the many events that happen during the summer.  When I returned from my last trip about a week and a half ago, my body was telling me enough is enough.  I experienced acne, low energy and many stomach issues like stomach aches for no reason, frequent trips to the restroom and bloating.

The day I got back, I made an effort to eat fresh produce at EVERY meal and to add turmeric and ginger (both contain anti-inflammatory properties) to my smoothies and most meals in some form or another.  I also started drinking golden milk (recipe to come soon) and/or roasted dandelion root tea about four times a week.   Right away I noticed my body detoxing a bit.  Detoxing for me at this point has to be minimal due to nursing still however, I could feel the bloat start to diminish and I felt less inflamed.

Therefore, sticking to eating whole food and hardly any to no processed foods (even if the food has somewhat clean ingredients) has helped my body get back on track.  I have found this to be difficult due to the 4th of July and social events happening during and since my trip but it can be done.  Here I have listed a few healthy eating tips to follow during the Summer and BBQ party season.

Healthy Eating Tips For Summer and BBQ Parties

  1. Be Prepared: While attending or hosting BBQ's/parties, always make a dish you know you can eat. This will insure you have something to eat even if no one else brings food that fit into your dietary needs. Another great tip is to bring your own beverage.

  2. Bring your own beverage: This can mean bringing something you will drink if there are no other options or just because you prefer to know what is in your drink. A organic wine that is your favorite may work. Bringing your own fixings for a mixed drink which might include soda water, homemade honey syrup and fruit or citrus. You could also bring something like La Croix and lime if you are not drinking alcohol and no one will be the wiser.

  3. Don't let other pressure you: You know what you can and cannot eat to keep your body feeling optimal. Try to stay away from the tempting but not so gut or health friendly foods. If you know refined sugar is an issue for you, stick to drinking water or eating fruit instead of having a soda or cupcake. Better yet, bring your own dessert that is gluten and refined sugar free!

  4. Stick with a buddy: It's always easier to attend parties/social events with someone who supports you. Bring a family member, spouse or friend who will encourage you to stick with your plan and may even look out for you if someone or something is tempting you to fall off your path.

  5. Eat before: Another option is to eat a healthy fat and protein filled meal or snack before attending the party. This will ensure you are full throughout the event and will keep you from settling on foods or drinks you might regret eating.

  6. It's alright to say no thank you: If you have been invited to an event you know will not have anything you can eat or drink and you are feeling anxious about it, don't hesitate to say no thank you. Just because there is an event going on, it doesn't mean you are obligated to attend, especially when it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Try these Healthy Eating Tips For Summer and BBQ parties in order to stick with your goals.  You have to have confidence in yourself or the people you surround yourself with.  If you have people around you who will encourage you to exercise and eat healthy you are more likely to stick to your goals.  Try to stay away from people who make you feel bad for eating a certain way or guilt you into not exercising or try their hardest to keep you from doing something that makes you feel well.  Let's face it, we all have unhealthy people in our life.  The old adage of misery loves company can be an issue for some people.  Don't allow those people to take you off course.  Avoid situations, if you can, where people try to bring you down.  You have this one body, make it feel great!



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