Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts 7/3/17

The 4th of July is over and short work weeks are always the best! Hopefully you found time to get in some fun movement.  I taught a yoga class on the 4th so missed our annual 4th of July parade.  That's alright though, it was pretty hot out and I would rather help others reach their goals than spend time in crowds barely watching the parade and baking in the sun!  Last weeks, Weekly Running and Cross Training Workouts are here! Since it was a holiday week, not weekend.  There was no holiday happening over the weekend, so people that say it's a "holiday weekend" it's not.  If you had Monday off, I say that is a bonus but not a whole weekend.  Anyway, we had a full house.  My step daughters are here for a couple weeks, my father in-law, and my mom were all here.  Alright, let's be honest, my elderly father in-law who has dementia lives with us so my husband can care for him, so he is always here.  The other people mentioned are not always here and every spare room is occupied therefore, it's a full house.

When there are a lot of people around, there are a lot of extra things going on so it makes it harder to stick to a schedule.  Not to mention the holiday but I did it.  I stuck to my workout goals and was active every day!  I even stuck to my food goals and didn't eat too much out of my ordinary grain free, gluten free and somewhat dairy free diet.  Yes, I enjoyed some gelato on the 4th and I made desserts throughout the week but I didn't over indulge.  To be honest, I got on a sugar high after the gelato and felt pretty shaky and gross.  Therefore eating other sugary things didn't appeal.

Anyway, my running and cross training last week were a tad different because I honored my body and felt like I was over training a bit.  I backed off and switched up the schedule a bit to help my body recover from the speed training and high intensity strength training I have been doing.

Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts from last week (7/3/17)

Monday- warm-up with an easy half mile, picked up the pace a little and ran trails for about 3 miles, added some fartlek's (6 of them) toward the last mile and cooled down with an easy half mile.  I also did some twisty yoga poses to stretch and zen out!  The yoga poses included twisted low lunge, anjaneyasana, twisted money, triangle, twisted triangle, dangling, half splits (half hanumanasana).

Tuesday- 1.5 minute warm-up of jumping rope.  Did the following sequence of four exercises for 60 seconds each, then held plank for 30 seconds, did the sequence for 50 seconds each, held a plank, and so on until I got to 10 seconds.   So you do each exercise for 60 seconds, rest or hold plank, then 50 seconds, 40-30-20-10.  Then cooled down with 1.5 minutes of jumping jacks.

Sequence of four exercises (see video here):

  • scissor steps with a squat
  • skater hops
  • lunge with a hop, switched to the other leg halfway through
  • burpee with a hop and push-up
  • 30 second plank or side plank (optional, it makes it really intense to can be left out)

Wednesday- easy 3.5 mile run pushing a stroller, with 60 minutes of twisty flow vinyasa yoga.

Thursday-1.5 mile warm-up, 5x800 meters at slightly slower than 10K pace, 1.1 mile cool down run.  15 minute moon vinyasa flow, with some core strengthening moves.

Friday- 4.75 mile easy run, pushing a stroller.  This was supposed to be a longer run (6-7 miles) but it was already 75 degrees when I woke up and there isn't a ton of shade around, so the run ended earlier than I anticipated.  Sometimes you have to be flexible, especially when the weather isn't optimal.  60 minute level 2 vinyasa yoga class working on eka pada koundinyasana I and II, as well as jumping forward from downward dog pausing before landing.  It was intense but felt great!

Saturday- 2 minute warm-up, 1 minute jumping rope, 1 minute cross jumping jacks

HIIT workout: 4 rounds of 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest (still moving around, not sitting or standing in one place) of the following set of 5 exercises  (see video here)

  • jumping squats
  • rolling pistol with handstand kick (think of it as a reverse burpee)
  • toe taps
  • sprawlers
  • spiderman walk

2 minute cool down, 1 minute jumping rope, 1 minute cross jumping jacks, added 20 v-up sit ups for extra abdominal work

Sunday- easy 5.75 mile run.  75 minutes of prana flow yoga, working on back bending and opening up the body by using resistance with in the body and with props.  More on this in later posts, so stay tuned!



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