Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts for Race Week (7/10/17)

I'm starting this week, tired, as usual.  It would be super sweet if my 22 month old, would stop waking up at 5 am!  There are two other reasons for the tired body starting this week leading up to my 10K that I have been training for.  One, I worked out pretty hard on my Saturday HITT workout last week (see the workout here) so I am still a bit sore.  Two, I attended a yoga workshop for three hours on Sunday and the flow we did was difficult not to mention my legs and arms were getting increasingly sore throughout the day from Saturday's workout.  So, my weekly running and cross training workouts for this week were a little light due to it being race week. Flagstaff is in the beginning stages of monsoon weather, which means the mornings are super warm, ok, HOT and humid.  This has made running and workout more challenging because I start sweating the second I headout instead of five minutes in. haha  I'm not complaining though.  I will take afternoon showers instead of 90+ degree heat and no moisture, any day!

Since it's the week before my race, I didn't want to keep speed training and doing high intensity training workouts and end up sore and spent by Saturday.  I spent the week running pretty easy, except I did get in some speed work on Monday, and doing more restorative and slower yoga sessions.  It ended up being a good thing.  When I signed up for the 10K I was pretty sure it would be a trail race due to the location of the start.  I also figured, I run trails at least once a week if not most of my longer runs on trials so I'm good.

Race Week Training

At the start of the race, right before the gun went off, I overheard some runners talking about not being prepared or how quick this race should be.  Another person chimed in stating "yeah, how could the race be hard, we are only running up a mountain?" very sarcastically.  At that moment, I realized, this may not be the best race to judge my past 12 weeks of training on.  My thought was correct.  I ran hard, and did well but there were a few moments I thought my legs were going to give out while running up some of the rocky and steep hills.

Never in my 22 years of running races, have I thought "maybe I should just cheat and turn around now, who would know?"   This was the first race I had these thoughts.  It was such a real possibility for me that I realized there are various measures race staffers take to make sure participants don't cheat, even in a small race without timing chips.  I never really thought about it in any past races.  Here I took note of the fact that each turn around point had staffers marking my number to make sure each point was reached.  This race was a out and back, which I'm not fond of but in this case it proved to be a good thing.

My milage watch didn't start at the beginning and when I realized it, I wasn't sure how many miles I had run.  When I got to the 5K turn around, I knew I had gone 1.5 miles or so.  That helped but then it was one of those situations where I was just looking at my watch ticking off the miles until I got to the 10K turn around.  The part that saved me was taking note of the hills I was running up and the comfort in knowing that once I got over those, it was down hill and a fast finish!  It ended up being a great race for me, even if all my hard speed training didn't amount to a PR (personal record).  Another plus was the beauty of running in the the trees and running alone for much of it!  Peace and quiet with a view.

Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts for Race Week (7/10/17)

Monday- 4.15 mile run: Easy mile warm-up pushing a stroller and running with the dog, another easy mile then 5x200 sprints (pushing the stroller still) and a cool-down mile, with a few minutes of stretching after.

Restorative yoga poses in the evening: supported reclined bound angle pose (supta baddha konasana) bolster under back, seated wide angle pose (upavistha konasana) supported torso with a bolster, deer pose (mrigiasana) with torso on a bolster, legs up the wall

Tuesday- 20 minute bum and thigh workout with cardio blasts throughout.  There were two circuits repeated twice, before moving on to the next circuit.  Each exercise is done for 30 seconds or so, with a few seconds rest in between to set up for next exercise.  Warm-up and cool down with 1 minute of jumping jacks or jumping rope.  This workout was inspired by PopSugar Fitness.

  • circuit one: lateral high knees pumping arms as if running a sprint,speed skater hops, hopping on one leg then switching sides, low lunge pumps 10 on right, 10 on left and repeat 3 times, lateral squat jumps (squat and jump to the left, squat and jump to the right), high knees in place with a twist from side to side.
  • circuit two: hopscotch hops, hurdler hip extensions going forward and back 30 seconds each side, football jog (quick feet) three steps and lifting left leg up and over an imaginary hurdle, repeat for 20-30 seconds and switch sides, side plank with knees bent hip raises 30 on each side, plank donkey kicks 20-30 each side,  walking squat from side to side (taking four steps to left, then four steps to right)

40 minutes of a heart opening vinyasa flow in the afternoon for energy.

Wednesday- 4 mile easy run and a 30 minute core focused yoga session (a lot of planks, knee to nose from downward facing dog, handstand, headstand presses (see photos), crow pose)

Thursday- easy 2.75 mile run with some hills

Friday- easy 3.1 mile run and a 60 minute vinyasa yoga class (focusing on the feet and did hero's pose, camel pose, side plank poses to wild thing and fallen triangle.

Saturday- Ran a 10K (6.1 mile) trail race that was more intense than I though it would be but it was fun and I got 4th place and first woman finisher!

Weekly Running and Cross Training Workouts for Race Week

Sunday- I ran 3.1 easy run to keep my muscles from being too sore.  I also did a few surya namaskar A, crow assisted by the wall and various handstand poses.

My hope is that my weekly running and cross training posts inspire you to refresh your daily routine.  Maybe you get motivation to try something new.  Happy running and working out!



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