Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts Post Race Week (7/17/17)

The first few days after my 10k trail race I was still sore in my quads and shins.  The weekly running and cross training workouts at the beginning of the week were a little more mild to make sure my muscles had a little time to recover more.  I am one of those people who has to workout everyday.  Getting my sweat on is important for me regardless of how I'm feeling.  Usually, breathing heavy and sweating makes me feel better even when I'm tired or a bit sick.  Yoga has been a part of my fitness routine for a very long time.  Lately, though, I have been craving more practice sessions and feel almost lost if I don't practice everyday. Yoga is such an important part of keeping me sane and regulated.  I don't have to spend a munch of time each day practicing either.  Getting on my mat or even getting outside in a quiet area to practice for 10 minutes can help.  In fact there are times when I have found practicing for longer makes me more amped up or anxious due to having many things going on.  Yoga is such a great mind, body and spirit workout that taking a few minutes or more everyday can bring about so many benefits.

I have made it a point to breath every morning before starting my day.  Some days I do a few stretches before getting out of bed.  Many of the yogi's I know, swear by morning practice.  I have mornings where I cannot do a full practice however have noticed the benefits of breathing and doing a couple stretches before starting my day.  The days when I do this, my running feels more efficient and I feel better in my body.  To this same point, I have noticed when I do a few stretches right before getting into bed, I fall asleep faster.

Committing to doing breathing and yoga exercises every day has been hard some days however, I still manage to get a little in.  Making a pledge to myself to do some type of practice (meditation, breath awareness or poses) in the morning and most nights, has made a huge difference in my life.  Realizing that I needed to start off with smaller goals like taking five breaths before getting out of bed and then moving on to ten breaths or stretching before getting out of bed every other day, has made the pledge that much easier.  Soon it will be a daily habit!  Anyway, on to the workouts!

Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts Post Race Week

Monday- 35 minute pool workout: jogging in place with the water as high as my mid-back for 10 minutes.  3 sets of treading water.  First set with right leg forward for 5 minutes.  Second set left leg forward for 5 minutes.  Last set using both legs (frog kicks) for 5 minutes.  At the end of each set I used just my legs to tread water (hands up).  Ran back and forth in shallow (3.5 ft) water holding my son, who is 26 pounds for 10 minutes to finish off the water workout.

60 minute vinyasa yoga with strength and cardio mixed in.  Started off with some exercise ball pikes (see picture above), progressive planks with the exercise ball, push-ups with the exercise ball (see picture above) and V-sits passing the ball from feet to hands.  Sun salutations with backbends and moved into some warrior II and goddess squats (click here for photos).  After going through a vinyasa I moved to crescent lunge with a hold then into lunges.  I worked in some tripod headstand and handstand practice as well.

Tuesday- easy 4 mile run with some quick yoga stretches (downward dog, forward fold, goddess squat, half splits, modified lunge, bound angle pose, bridge, legs up the wall) to relax and let my muscles recover

Wednesday- 5 mile run with a couple hills just for fun.

Thursday- 5 mile run that seemed pretty hard due to all the humidity in the air (yuck) and cooled down with a few stretches.

60 minute Yin Yoga practice targeting the whole body but mostly hips, hamstrings and quads.  I modified from Nancy Nelson's summer yin sequence but you can get the same benefits.

Friday- quick 2 minute warm-up of jumping rope then did 2 circuits (listed below and a video here) and finished in about 24 minutes.  I did 5 rounds of the first circuit and 4 rounds of the second.  Each exercise was done for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest in between.

  • Circuit one: criss cross jumping jacks, full burpee with push-up, hop scotch jumps, 180 degree squat jumps
  • Circuit two: lateral high knees, lunge with a hop and ended with a hop on the same foot that was forward for the lunge (switched sides without rest), crab squat walk, plank hand walk out, sprawlers, forearm plank hip dips (side to side)

Saturday- 6.1 mile trail and road run.  The effort was a little more than an easy run and there were some hills and muddy areas which made it harder to run.  I did a 10 minute yoga session with downward dog as my transition pose.  I stretched out with anjaneyasana, reaching back for the back foot to stretch the quad, half splits (half hanumanasana), goddess squat (utkata konasana), forward fold (uttanasana), tripod headstand (sirsasana II), mountain post with a backbend.

Sunday- 4 mile run at a bit faster than easy pace and pushed a stroller with a few hills.   Stretched a bit after and did a restorative yoga session with reclined bound angle pose, reclined pigeon pose, cow face pose and half way through switched arms to eagle arms from cow face arms, bound angle pose, dragonfly pose and caterpillar pose.  I held each pose for around 2-3 minutes.

By sharing my weekly workouts, I hope you will get inspiration to workout, try something new or to vary your day to day routine.



Disclaimer: The information on this website (Alt Yoga Vibe) is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for medical treatment or hands on instruction.  If you are experiencing any severe pain or symptoms, please consult a healthcare practitioner.