Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts 7/24/17 Including Yoga Poses

Here are my weekly  workouts from last week (7/24/17) and I have realized something.  I'm addicted to exercise but in a good way.  I have been feeling so tired lately partly due to having an almost two year old who never sleeps and when he does, I usually can't!  And I have a lot going on in my brain that at times, it's hard to shut off.  The last most recent reason for being tired is my body is still sore from running a 10K trail race.  Before having a child, the recovery time from races was a couple days.  Even when I ran a marathon, I was back to running without being tired by the following weekend.  So, it being a full week after my race and I'm still sore I was thinking my weekly running and cross training workouts were going to be pretty easy again. When Monday rolled around, I was going to do yoga and no other workouts.  Then, as I was preparing my weekly workout post from last week, I decided to shoot a video.  That lead to actually working out and doing a HITT type workout that is listed for Monday.  I was really happy I changed my plan.  For me, if I don't move my body and breathe heavy every day I feel awful and lethargic.

It's so important to do what feels right especially when it involves mood.  Exercise of me is a huge mood booster.  Even though my body was sore, I worked out.  I did what felt right, had no plan but did it.  This is what happens a lot when I practice yoga and sometimes it carries over into my teaching.  I may have a plan going into a workout, yoga session or teaching session but being flexible and feeling out the vibe is what usually wins out in the end.  Listening to my body is the most important thing I have learned in the past couple years during my pregnancy and after.  Being flexible is something I still have to remind myself to do but it is slowly becoming a daily practice.

All week I have practiced yoga poses in the morning and evening, even if it's only for 5-10 minutes.  It gets my prana (breath) moving and clears my mind.  There have been storms every day starting as early as 10:30 am and most of the time they last all afternoon and into the evening.  This means I'm stuck indoors.  I am the type of person who loves being outside and getting fresh air.  Rain (and snow for that matter) is not really a big problem but the thunder storms in Flagstaff can be intense and deadly so being out in the rain is usually not an option.   So making sure I practice a few yoga sequences near a window or with the window open helps to clear my mood.

Many of my daily running and cross training workouts include some of the asanas (yoga poses) I have been doing at various times throughout the day.  I make sure to get my daily sun salutations and inversions in because that is something I have committed to myself to do and I get a huge mood boost.  Daily practice is making these poses more fluid and has been building my strength which is a win win!

Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts for 7/24/17 Including Yoga Poses:

Monday- 22 minute workout 1 minute warm-up of jumping rope then did two sets of the following and repeated the sets twice.  I also added 10 pistols with a handstand at the top (reverse burpee, if you will) 5 on each side and 6 (3 on each leg) handstand jumps with holds as long as I could.  Many of these exercises can be found on my YouTube channel here.

Exercise sets: 1 minute each and repeating the sets after finishing the first round

  • criss cross jumping jacks
  • burpee pop (burpee with an extra hop of knees in toward chest from the plank position)
  • jumping lunges for 22 seconds, one legged hop (hopping on the forward leg) and switched sides
  • lateral squat walks (crab walk)
  • walking planks (from full plank to forearm plank and back up)
  • squats with a jump every three squats
  • mountain climbers
  • football jog with hurdle jumps right leg for 30 seconds and switched to left leg
  • lateral high knees
  • burpee with a push-up (rested for about 20 seconds)

Later in the day I went to a 60 minute Vinyasa 2/3 class where we worked on malasana (squat pose), bakasana (crow pose) handstand kickups, warrior I and III, planks and core strengthening poses (shalabhasana and dhanurasana).

Tuesday-4.1 run with a stroller and did about four hills at medium to fast speed.  The hills all varied in incline and length with the longest and steepest lasting about 60 seconds.

Practiced 30 minutes of core vinyasa yoga flow.  Poses that were focused on were virabhadrasana II (warrior II), utthita parsvakonasana (extended side angle), crescent lunge, shanti virabhadrasana (peaceful warrior), ardha chandrasana (halfmoon), wild thing, sirsasana II (tripod headstand) to bakasana (crow pose).

Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts, Including Yoga Poses

Wednesday- 5.1 mile easy run with a few surya namaskar A's, with warriors and squats as a warm-up and cool down.

Thursday- 19 minute workout HIIT (inspired by one of PaleOMG workouts).  Warm-up with jumping jacks for 45 seconds, then did as many rounds as possible of the below sequence with a minute of jumping rope in between sets.  Cooled down with 45 seconds of jumping jacks.

  • 10 sprawlers
  • 8 burpee's with a hop at the top
  • 6 burpee's with chest to deck and a hop at the top
  • 4 burpee's with a hop in the plank portion of the burpee
  • 2 full burpee's with a set of jumping lunges after the hop at the top

I also did some yin yoga for hips and hamstrings AND added 5 plank rollouts on the fitness ball, 5 rounds of  progressive planks on the fitness ball (round one: 1-2-3-2-1 reps of R knee to R elbow repeat on L side, round two: same, etc),  40 plank donkey kicks (20 each leg), and handstand play for building strength.

Friday-quick but fairly easy run of 3.8 miles.  Before running I did 5 surya namaskar A's, crescent lunge and warrior II poses.  Later in the day, I practiced arm balances (bakasana, side plank, eka pada koundinyanasana Iand inversions (sirsasana I & II, handstand play) along with vinyasa flow.

Saturday-6.1 mile trail and road run with pretty steep hills throughout.

Sunday- Walked for 45 minutes with the dog and stroller also did

10 minutes of intervals: each round lasting 2 minutes (inspired by a Popsugar workout)

  • high knee skip, gate swings (start with legs together, hop legs apart and squat, like a sumo squat, and continue hopping the legs in and out), jumping jacks
  • jumping jack planks, 180 squat jumps, coffee grinders (starting in a plank, bend knees and kick right leg toward left arm, twisting at the torso and switch sides)
  • high knee skip, gate swings, jumping jacks
  • burpee (no push-up), spiderman, push-up with a hop to a pike
  • high knee skip, gate swings, jumping jacks

Yoga Lab class (90 minutes): worked on low crescent lunges, warrior II's, planks, tree pose (vrksasana), side planks with tree pose legs, downward dog with tree pose legs, handstand variations (about three) and three variations of wheel pose (urdhva dhanurasana).

Happy running and cross training!



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