Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts 8/14/17-8/20/17

Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts

My Weekly Running & Cross Training Workouts from last week ended up being a great mix!  I found myself shorter on time in the mornings but mostly due to baking.  I like to have muffins or breads to eat for breakfast or a snack during the day.  It's an easy grab and go type meal or snack for me.  My husband also loves my baked goods.  We eat mostly paleo, which means everything is made with coconut flour, arrowroot or tapioca starch.  I don't tolerate nut flours well so every once in a while I will use tiger nut or cashew flour.

I helped out at the school where I used to teach physical education last week.  This, along with teaching my usual yoga classes made for busy days.  Having my baked snacks and smoothies are a great way to keep me fueled while not being overly filling.  If you have followed me for a bit, you know I love smoothies.  Now you know I also love banana bread and blueberry muffins or scones.  So having these items throughout the week made me tight on time.

My weekly running and cross training workouts had some variety to them.  I am not training for a race specifically however do like to stay in race shape most of the year.  Races come up that I haven't planned for but sound like fun so I make sure to do high intensity interval training as well as intervals, hills and speed work on a weekly basis.

I ended up doing an extra cross training session because after my long run on Saturday the bottom of my foot was super sore.  I'm not exactly sure what I did.  I tripped on a small rock while trail running, skinned my knees and got pretty dirty.  If anything I should have hurt my toes not the bottom of my foot.  Come to think of it, my foot started hurting before I fell.  That may have led to the fall.  Hmm...at any rate, I couldn't run on Sunday.  So there's an extra cross training workout in there.

Weekly Workouts:

Monday- 4.5 mile run pushing my son in the stroller with 113 ft elevation gain, done and done

Tuesday- HIIT workout, one minute jogging in place to warm up and 1 minute to cool down

4 rounds of the following exercises starting on the minute with 10-30 seconds of rest in between exercises:

  • 30 sumo squat jumps
  • jumping jacks
  • 30 jumping lunges (15 each leg)
  • skater hops
  • 15 burpees with a hop and chest to deck
  • 10 push-ups
  • 40 mountain climbers (20 each leg)
  • 10 tuck jumps
  • jumping rope

Vinyasa Yoga: working toward King Dancer Pose by way of forward fold, standing crescent circles (starting in tadasana with arms above head, tilt torso to the right, down toward toes, to the left and back up to the top), anjaneyasana, anjaneyasana with a side bend, parivrtta anjaneyasana (revolved lunge), wild thing, stacked hips in three legged downward facing dog, virabhadrasana II, side plank, wide arm bhujangasana (cobra pose).

Wednesday- Easy dynamic stretching for warm up, ran 3.25 miles nice and easy, as I was super sore from yesterday's workout!  The elevation gain was 146 ft.

Core Vinyasa Yoga Session: surya namaskar A and B, with chair holds (utkatasana), plank holds (Phalakasana), side plank with tree pose legs (Vasisthasana), virabhadrasana II holds (warrior II holds), badda virabhadrasana (humble warrior), Prasarita Padottanasana I (wide legged forward fold), utkata konasana (goddess pose), Vriksasana (tree pose), Salabhasana (locust pose), navasana (boat pose), crow toe taps

Thursday- 1.25 mile warm-up easy run, 2.5 mile tempo run, 1.25 mile easy run to cool down, the main part of the run was done pushing a stroller and running a few hills.  The elevation gain was 237 ft.

Yin Yoga practice: working on the heart and lung meridians.  Find the sequence here!

Friday- Warm up running easy for .25 of a mile.  After my warm up I did three rounds of the following:

  • run a faster paced mile (half marathon or 10k pace)
  • 10 x three squat pluses with a jump on every third pulse
  • 10 (each leg) forward walking lunges
  • 10 (each leg) backward walking lunges
  • 10 push ups
  • 30 second plank holds

cooled down with .25 miles easy run.

Yoga practice: warm-up with 4 rounds surya namaskar A, including standing crescents to the right and left before forward folding, 2 rounds of anjaneyasana with quad stretch on the second round, vira II (warrior II), trikonasana (triangle pose), extended side angle pose, half moon pose hold for a few breaths then added a quad stretch, bakasana (crow pose) hold and added ankle taps, puppy press full body prep poses (gorilla walks, crow toe taps, three legged dog to forward fold) and concluded with a long forward fold.

Saturday- 8 mile long trail run with some mild hills

Yoga practice: Yin Yoga practice for quads, hips & hamstrings .

Sunday- Pool workout:

  • warm-up 300m free style easy
  • Kick/pull: 3 x 100m (free style)
  •  Free Style pyramid: 25m easy, 25m fast pace; 50m easy, 50m fast pace; 75m easy, 75m fast pace; 100m easy, 100m fast; 75m easy, 75m fast; 50m easy, 50m fast; 25m easy, 25m fast
  • Breast stroke: 100m fast
  • cool down: 200m easy free sytle

Core Work: gorilla walks, bakasana toe taps, puppy press handstand work, 2 x 1 minute plank holds, 2 handstand holds 30 seconds each

My goal in posting my weekly running and cross training workouts is to help inspire you to keep at working out.  Or to inspire you to try something new or forgotten.  Have a great week of staying active!




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