Weekly Cross Training, Running & Yoga Workouts 8/21/17-8/27/17

Have you ever tried sticking with an exercise routine when you are so exhausted you can hardly move after exercise?  This past week left me feeling almost as exhausted and worn out as I felt after being in labor for 20 hours and having a new born who had to nurse every hour or two.  My weekly running and cross training workouts did not start out stellar but I kept at it.  As the week went on I was feeling more like myself. I know many people don't buy into the whole cosmic world effecting humans and animals but I'm a firm believer.  After having taught small children for a decade and having three (one of my own and two step-daughters) at home, it's true.  The moon phases do effect everyone, especially little bodies.

The solar eclipse that was directed over the United States, had a profound effect on me as well as my son.  He and I have a very close bond.  We seem to feed off each other in many situations.  The couple days leading up to the eclipse had me feeling dizzy and run down.  My son wasn't sleeping well and when he was awake, all he wanted to do was to cuddle.  I didn't get much done or much rest.

After talking with my naturopathic doctor, I decided I needed to resort back to napping when my son naps.  I have done this on and off since he was born.  I feel guilty sometimes and other times I just can't get my mind to stop.  Wednesday was different, I was able to rest and sleep a bit.  It is amazing how much rest helps the body (and mind) recover.  My take away from this week was that the moon phases effect adults too, if you are open to it.  Even if you aren't super open to it, if you evaluate how you feel and feelings you have, you can draw parallels.

Another take away from this solar eclipse is to let things go and focus on new beginnings.  When thoughts and feelings are released that no longer serve us, we need to let them go in order to move forward.  This idea can be related to most things in life.  Letting go of the thought that you need to be or do something because it's expected, is alright and perfectly acceptable.  Just a few thoughts I have worked through this past week.  On to the workouts!

Weekly Cross Training, Running & Yoga Workouts

Monday- 1.5 mile easy run as sort of a rest day.  I also went to a Pre-eclipse Flow at one of the yoga studio's I sub for.  It was a nice way to start the whole eclipse experience.

Tuesday- 4.5 mile run pushing a stroller, with a 182 ft elevation gain).  Also included some supported headstand core work, bridge pumps to work on my backside and some side to side bear crawls to work on my thighs.

Vinyasa flow: Worked toward ardha chandrasana (half-moon pose).  Preparing with a few rounds of surya namaskar A, vira II (warrior II), trikonasana (triangle pose), utthita parsvakonasana (extended side angle pose), peaceful warrior and lunging dog pose.

Wednesday- 5 mile run with intervals (267 ft elevation gain).  Warmed up with 1.5 miles (running the dog) and cooled down with 1.5 miles pretty quick but easy effort.  Interval run:

  • 200 meters at 90% max speed
  • 5 x 400 meters at 85% max speed
  • 200 meters at 90% max speed

Core Yoga: My students (and I) worked toward  revolved bakasana (crow pose).  Since this is a core centered class we worked all areas of the core, front, side and back body.  Plank pose with havering knee holds to work the abdominals.  Twists in chair pose, lunges and planks to work the oblique muscles.  Locust variations to work the back body.  Worked into crow pose and a few rounds of malasana (low squat) before attempting parsva (revolved) bakasana.

Thursday- 4.5 mile faster paced run (only because I got in a zone and didn't realize I was running faster than easy pace) with a 123 ft elevation gain.

Yin Yoga Practice for the Chakras.

Friday- HIIT workout: Warm up with 1 minute of jogging in place.  Then did the following exercises every minute on the minute for at least 40 seconds, used the remaining seconds for a rest or marched in place.

4 rounds:

  • Burpee with a hop
  • High donkey kick (starting in downward dog, kicking R leg back, then bringing the knee in toward nose), switched sides after 30 seconds
  • Jumping jacks
  • Mountain climbers (40-50 each leg)
  • Speed skater hops
  • Squat then lifted one leg to the side on the way up from the squat, extending one arm above the head (all on the same side), switched sides after 30 seconds

Finished with 20 tuck jumps, 40 side plank crunches (20 each side) and jogged in place for a minute to bring my heart rate down a bit.

Saturday- Warmed up with 5 rounds of surya namaskar A & B.  Ran a 6.1 mile half trail, half road run at an easy pace with 346 ft elevation gain.

Sunday- 4.1 mile run and a intense yoga lab session with so many rounds of bakasana (crow pose) that I lost count and handstands.  Along with other standing and strengthening poses.  It was an awesome session!

My goal in posting my weekly running and cross training workouts is to help inspire you to keep at working out.  Or to inspire you to try something new or forgotten.  Have a great week of staying active!



Disclaimer: The information on this website (Alt Yoga Vibe) is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for medical treatment or hands on instruction.  If you are experiencing any severe pain or symptoms, please consult a healthcare practitioner.