Weekly Cross Training, Running & Yoga Workouts 8/28/17-9/3/17

Weekly Cross Training, Running & Yoga Workouts

I woke up a few mornings ago and decided something needed to change.  Most of the time change has involves diet or exercise.  In this case it wasn't my weekly cross training, running and yoga workouts. It was my nutrition coaching and blogging business that needed a refresh.  The name Resilient Spirit Wellness was the name I started with a year and a half ago, while I was envisioning a yoga studio and office to coach out of.  While this may still be in my future, I have been focusing on blogging in order to reach and help people.

When the business idea started to take shape, having a unique name was important.  I now realize that having something that really fits me is important for my readers as well as for my self.  I have had many opportunities to be resilient throughout my life and this is another one of those times.  But owning my personal uniqueness is a vital part of this process too.  Change, it's a good thing.  It really is!

Although it can be hard to change.  This is true with most areas of living.  I used to be one who always wanted change.  Then, I switched and didn't like change of any kind.  I have now found a mostly happy medium.  Yoga has taught me to be more flexible (in more ways than one) and to let go of things that cannot be changed.  I'm not saying I can do this all the time, who can?  But it has helped me to be more accepting of things I cannot change and to go with the flow.

I'm very happy with the new name and where I hope to go with blogging and coaching.  If you have been following me, you know I have had a rough time coming back from having a child.  Sleep is actually the biggest change for me.  The days of getting 8-10 hours of sleep, have been long gone.  Trying to keep up my milage and fitness through yoga and cross training has been more difficult due to exhaustion on most days.  But it is what it is, and I have committed to staying fit.  Sometimes my workouts aren't stellar but I do feel better after doing them.  Read on for last weeks Weekly Cross Training, Running & Yoga Workouts.

Cross Training, Running & Yoga Workouts

Monday- ran 3.75 miles (pushing the stroller).  I also did 4 rounds of core strength and bum working exercises.  See below. (see video here for exercises)

30 (15 each leg) Core donkey kicks (hover the balancing knee while pressing the floor away with palms)

30 Figure-4 bridges  (15 each side)

40 Hands on blocks Mountain Climbers (20 each leg), plus 5 push-ups at the beginning and end of each set

5 Supported headstand tucks

20 Curtsy lunges (10 each side)

40 Heel sky rises (from hands and knees come to forearms, extend one leg behind toes on the floor.  Reach the extended leg up toward the sky)

10 Downward facing dog push-ups

Yoga session: quick 20 minute flow for strength working on bakasana (crow pose),Pincha Mayurasana (forearm stand), virabhadrasana II holds (warrior II), Surya Namaskar A (3 rounds) and B (3 rounds), anjaneyasana regular and with quad holds, trikonasana (triangle pose), side plank, wild thing and finished with some handstands and uttansana (forward folds).  And of course savasana!

Tuesday- 29 minute crossfit inspired workout (see video of these exercises, along with others, here).  Warmed up with 2 minutes of jogging in place and jumping rope.  Then did 10 reps of the following exercises, 20 reps of each exercise, 30 reps of each exercise, 40 reps each exercise and back down 30-20-10.  Each round was followed by 1 minute of speed skater hops (or steps if extra rest is needed)

  • frog hops
  • bench jump overs (holding on and jumping feet side to side)
  • criss-cross mountain climbers
  • jump squats

Vinyasa Yoga class: I usually do most of the flow with my students.  We were working toward ardha chandra chapasana (half moon pose with quad stretch).  After warming up, I lead my students into three rounds of anjaneyasana variations with half-splits to stretch the quads, hips and hamstrings.  We built upon each pose (started with one pose and switched sides, then did the first pose and added a new pose, switched sides, etc) from standing working into crescent lunge, virabhadrasana II, utthita parsvakonasana (extended side angle pose),  trikonasana, ardha chandrasana, ardha chandra chapasana.  The transition back to standing was malasana (garland pose) to bakasana prep or bakasana then forward fold.  Slowed down with balasana (child's pose) and setu bandha (bridge pose) and savasana.

Wednesday- 4 mile tempo run.  I also did some core working yoga poses in an hour long session.

Thursday- Hill run.  Warmed up with an easy mile.  Brought the pace up to half-marathon pace before running 5 hills (pushing a stroller) sprinting.  Cooled down with an easy mile.

Yin Yoga for the whole body was in order after this workout!

Friday- easy 3.5 mile run.

Saturday- 5.5 mile run pushing the stroller.  This was a tough one after hardly any sleep.

Vinyasa Yoga: After a few rounds of half sun salutations, worked into anjaneyasanas (regular, twist, quad hold), plank pose, plank with knee to nose and both elbows, three legged dog, wild thing, crescent lunge, virabhadrasnana II, trikonasana, extended side angle with a bind, bird of paradise, side angle pose, side plank, bakasana (crow pose), setu banda (bridge pose), reclined twist and savasana.

Sunday- HIIT Workout: Warm-up and cool down each 1 minute of jogging in place.  For the workout, each exercise was done for 45 seconds, with a 15 second rest or jog in place.

5 rounds:

  • sumo squat hops forward and back (start legs together, hop feet forward and wide, squatting, hop feet together and to the center, hop feet wide to the back, squat
  • burpee with a hop at the top
  • 1 push-up, side plank hold for a few seconds (long enough to gain balance), 5 side plank crunches, push-up, 5 side plank crunches to the second side, repeat until time is up
  • scissor step feet with a squat (step right forward and back, left forward and back, regular squat, repeat)
  • crow/plank burpees (see picture)

My goal in posting my weekly running and cross training workouts is to help inspire you to keep at working out.  Or to inspire you to try something new or forgotten.  Have a great week of staying active!