HIIT Workout Inspiration For September 2017

HIIT Workout Inspiration

Each week, I will post a new workout.  This will range from HIIT, Running, Body Weight Strength Training and Yoga.  I am an avid runner and yogini but love trying new workouts and ideas.  The best results I've seen with my post baby body is sticking to a routine but also making sure to throw in strength training, intervals and variation on my non running days.  My hope is that sharing new ideas that it will hopefully inspire you to switch up your routine.  It may even spark some interest to get on the fitness train.

I try to do at least one HIIT or Crossfit type fitness workout a week but usually manage to get two in.  Strength training was something I did a lot of in high school and college.  I stopped for a while but got back into it when I lived abroad.  I stopped again because I found that I was gaining weight even while keeping up with my almost daily running routine.  I know now that the weight gain was inflammation from having celiac disease but that's another post.

Strength training is important for any one but I have found most runners do not add this into their cross training.  I was one of those runners but found yoga helped keep my muscles toned.  In yoga there is a lot of body weight poses that help benefit the whole body.  Yoga is an almost daily practice for me but doing other strength training and interval training has whipped my post baby body in shape.

HIIT is a workout I keep coming back too.  The high intensity makes me feel like I have worked hard and I have even seen improvements in my strength and endurance.  The idea of using intervals has been in the running community for so long.  And for good reason, it gets results!

I even incorporate HIIT type workouts into my running during some weeks.  Mixing things up is important even for people (like me) who like routine.  So, I thought I would share one of the HIIT workouts I did this week that left me sore for a day or so.  For me, feeling sore (not in pain) means I am making some gains in my overall fitness and toning of my muscles.

HIIT Workout: (video on YouTube)

Warm-up: 1 minute of each- high knees and jumping jacks

Four rounds of the following, each exercise was done for 40-45 seconds, with a 15-20 second rest:

  • Mountain climber burpee (jump back to plank, four mountain climbers, push-up, hop to the top, jump, repeat)
  • Star jumps
  • V-sit-alternating right hand to left toes, and switch, left hand to right toes
  • Skater hops
  • Step back lunge with a hop (left leg back to lunge, hop to the top brining left leg in front) staying on left side for two rounds, then switching to right side for two rounds
  • Squat jumps

Cool down: 1 minute each- jumping jacks and jog in place

This HIIT workout will definitely get you moving and make you work hard.  I love sweating.  This one had me going halfway through the first round! Enjoy and feel free to let me know how it goes!