Running Interval Workouts September 2017

Running Interval Workouts

For my fitness post this week, I wanted to post a couple running workouts.  I have been getting a little more sleep lately so my runs have been much better.  This week I ran two different fitness runs.  It's amazing how much better I feel and exercise when I have gotten enough sleep!

Since my son was born, two years ago, I have struggled with my workouts.  I get them done every day but most of the time end up tired right after and have a hard time not being exhausted.  Part of this is due to running around after my two year old.  I love that he is growing and each stage is so much fun.  I really mean that! But, it is a lot more challenging taking care of and running around after a toddler.  When my son was first born and before he could walk he was pretty easy.  I would strap him to me and got a lot done.  That's much different now.

Kids are supposed to nap so parents can get a few things done but this is a myth.  I haven struggled to get things done but I also love spending time with my son.  So, before being a mom, I had no clue what stay at home moms went through.  I teach a few yoga classes a week and am grateful I do not have to go to a full time job.  I know many mothers love working and that's great.  For me, I love having my time away but also love being with my son.  Two years have gone by so fast so I don't want to miss anything.

Anyway, all this and lack of sleep have hindered my running.  Yes, I was able to train for a half marathon and did pretty well but my conditioning and fitness runs could be much better.  This week, they were better.  I am hoping this is a trend!

Running Workout

The first fitness run was running sprints with some interval and strength exercises.  I started with a half mile warm up run that was super easy.  Then I did four rounds of five exercises (shown below) and cooled down with another half mile easy run.

Four rounds: Each exercise was done for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest

  • jumping forward and back sumo squats
  • tricep dips and push-ups (20 seconds each)
  • skater hops
  • mountain climbers with hands on blocks
  • 1 minute sprint (full speed)

This workout was tough after the first two sprints but it was also nice to incorporate strength interval training and running into a workout. Running workout number two was a good one.  I warmed up with a mile and a half of easy running.  Then I ran 6x300 meters at 5k speed.  I included two mini hills with 75 percent effort.  I cooled down with one and a half miles easy.

The second running workout was done three days after the first one.  I find that some of the strength training makes my body sore a day and a half later.  So trying to fit in another fitness run a day or two after serious strength/interval training is too much for my body.

My heart is in running but I also know the value of and like strength training.  I have started to incorporate at least 10 minutes of hamstring, glute, core and upper body toning exercises to most days.  If I have a long run day, I usually don't do any other activities except some yoga to relax and lengthen my muscles.

Hopefully this workout post will be a source of some inspiration and new ideas for your next workout or find another great running workout here!