Foods that Help Increase Metabolism

Foods that Help Increase Metabolism

Working out, lifting weights and drinking water are all things we have heard over the years that will help increase metabolism.  While these things help, there are some foods that can increase metabolism too.  When I hear food, I get excited because I love food so much.  Many of the foods that help increase metabolism are some of my favorite foods, which of course is a bonus!

Growing up I loved food too but not always the healthiest foods.  In my early teen years I became more conscious of my health.  High school and collegeI focused on physical activities, nutrition and food.  I didn't know exactly which foods were best.  So I started to think about it and about the calories of my meals.  That helped but once I started shopping at whole foods and the local co-op things evolved .  As it turned out, a lot of the foods I started eating were more metabolism boosting foods.

Below I have listed many of the metabolism boosting foods but first I want to talk about two of them a little more in depth.  Bone broth and coconut oil.  The main reason being that these two foods help to heal the gut.  Which is super important!  Many people are struggling with leaky gut or gut health issues due to the standard American Diet.  Autoimmune related illness is more common.  Most illnesses can be linked back to having a healthy gut biome.  Gut health is vital to keeping the body functioning properly and fighting illnesses.

Gut health has been an ongoing issue for me since I was a kid (check out my post about my health journey).  I didn't know it then but looking back now, knowing what I know, I had so many illnesses that were linked to my gut.  In the last year I have been working really hard to repair my gut and bone broth and coconut oil have been stapes in my daily food intake.

Bone broth and coconut oil not only help the gut but they are also foods that increase metabolism.  Win, win!  There are a few more foods that can help boost the metabolism listed below.

Other foods that increase metabolism

  • Almonds:  These nuts are high in fat, so limiting the intake is important.  The fatty acids in almonds help increase metabolism.  Raw almonds are best as roasted nuts can be heated to temperatures that may turn rancid quickly.
  • Berries: My favorites are blueberries but all berries are pretty high in fiber and carbs which helps to boost metabolism.  These should also be limited as fruit is higher in sugar.  Another great thing about berries is the high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins which can help the body heal faster.
  • Chocolate: This is near and dear to my heart.  I have always loved chocolate.  In my teen years I started eating dark chocolate and now I make my own chocolate for the most part.  Raw cacao (my personal favorite to bake with and make chocolate with) specifically boost metabolism because of the high amount of magnesium.  Magnesium targets a hormone called adiponectin, which helps rev up the metabolism.
  • Cinnamon: Many spices can help get the metabolism going but this one is my favorite.  I use cinnamon in my coffee, tea and most baked goods!  Once consumed it ignites the digestive system which ignites fat burning.
  • Green Leafy Vegetables:  Super high in fiber, green leafy vegetables increase fat burn.
  • Green Tea:  Also another personal favorite.  Green tea is one of those teas most people know of that increase metabolism.  There is a substance in the tea called epigallocatechin gallate, which has been proven to increase metabolism.
  • Fish: Because fish has a lot of protein but also omega 3 fatty acids which also turn up the heat in the digestive system.
  • Turkey: Specifically lean turkey (or chicken) has a lot of protein but is lower in fat content.  Protein helps build muscle with in turn burns fat.
  • Water:  Mentioned at the very beginning but this is such an important "food" for many functions in the body.  Drinking at least half your body weight in water, each day will insure the body is hydrated.  Being hydrated helps the body break down fat.  Plus drinking water throughout the day helps keep hunger at bay.  Many times the brain mixes up hunger with thirst.  Making sure to sip on water throughout the day will keep the body feeling optimal.

There are other foods that can increase metabolism.  These are some of my favorites and are super easy to add into daily food intake.  One of the best ways to insure the body is absorbing nutrients and utilizing the fat blasting components is to eat these foods in moderation.  It's also a good idea to vary the foods rather than eating the same things every day.



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