Clean Eating Must Haves from Thrive Market

Not too long ago, I was not a fan of online shopping for food items or anything really.  Five and a half years ago my husband and I moved to a small town.  There are not many options for shopping needs.  We were so excited when Natural Grocers and Sprouts came to our town.  That's how small it is. Finding good prices on bulk foods and pantry staples has been hard to come by.  In the last few years I have made huge efforts to eat as clean as possible.  This means processed foods are a no go.  I do eat some minimally processed foods but that is few and far between.

Being diagnosed with celiac disease was the first part of my dietary change.  After making that change and still experiencing digestive problems, it became very clear that a clean eating diet was my new normal.  With this new life change, I am so happy I made the effort to research and find what works for me.

Clean eating doesn't just mean eating more fruits and vegetables.  It involves limiting processed foods and sugars.  It also means eating gluten free or even grain free.  I have made that leap and in the last year and a half, have noticed a huge difference.

Thrive Market has been one of the places I get a huge discount on some of the things I use almost daily.  Although there is a yearly membership with Thrive Market, it's minimal and if you order even two or three times, the savings makes up for the membership fee.  Plus the search options can be refined to gluten free, paleo, raw, etc.  It makes finding products super easy.

Thrive Market Clean Eating Staples


  • Mushroom Coffee: The healing properties in mushrooms have been used for many man years.


  • Baking: Most of the grain free baking flours like arrowroot, coconut flour, paleo baking mixes and baking soda are decent prices on Thrive Market. I usually bake with coconut and arrowroot.  The quality of these products are very good as well.
  • Coconut Milk: It's really hard to find coconut milk without gums.  The thrive brand is great because the only ingredients are coconut and water.
  • Coconut Butter (manna): This stuff is an amazing substitute in many recipes, for nut butters.  I sometimes have an issue with nuts so coconut butter is a great way to get that nutty taste without the negative reaction.
  • Coconut Aminos: This stuff is like liquid gold for grain free cooking.  It's the best substitute for soy sauce or tamari sauce.
  • Cacao nibs:Cacao nibs are an awesome topping for smoothies and yogurt.  I even use these in banana bread and pumpkin bread.
  • Lara Bars: I love making my own protein bars but sometimes I don't have the right ingredients or the time.  Lara bars are awesome and easy to grab and go.  I keep a couple in my son's diaper bag in case I am in a situation where I need food but don't have options.
  • Paleo Mayo: This is a great brand.  I go back and forth with making my own mayo and buying this stuff.  It's awesome, isn't made with sugar and uses avocado oil instead of the usual canola or typical vegetable oils.
  • Wild Caught Sardines: These are my husbands favorite and every once in a while I like to eat them during our happy hour snacks.  Usually we get these in the store when there is a sale but they are always a great price on Thrive Market.


  • Eating Evolved: I love these little cups because they are the perfect combination of healthy with some sweet.  There is no guilt after having one or two of these cups!  I love all the flavors but the caramel is my favorite.
  • Heavenly Organics: These little dream patties are similar to having a mint patty but without the blood sugar spike.  They are creamy and minty.  So good!

I listed a good amount of my favorite products hoping it will help you to find some great deals.  Thrive Market really is a great online resource for pantry and other health care products.  If you shop at least twice a year with Thrive, the savings makes up for the price of the membership.



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