Fitness Friday, HIIT Running Workout

This weeks Fitness Friday, HIIT Running Workout involves running and high intensity interval training. Working all parts of the body is important, therefore combining upper, mid and lower body exercises with running makes this workout a must try! Running is my favorite exercise and activity in general.  For a while I was taking it easy and only running five days a week, period.  Focusing on cross training has been fun and I've seen some great changes in my body.  HIIT (high intensity interval training) and crossfit type workouts have been my go to along with daily challenging yoga practices.  This week I wanted to add running to my HIIT workout.

One of the things I like so much about HIIT workouts is that it strengthens and tones the body.  It also get the heart rate up nice and high but is usually a shorter workout.  I love exercise but sometimes I have busy days and don't have the time to spend exercising for 45 minutes or more.

I have been running for 22 years.  Running has been a type of meditation for me even before I really started meditating.  It has been a relief for me when I needed something besides friends and family in hard times.  It was my comfort when I was living abroad and nothing felt familiar.   And it has been a way for me to discover new places while traveling or living in a new neighborhood.  So, finding ways to incorporate one of my loves, is always tempting.

HIIT Running Workout

This weeks running workout combines both strength training and running.  Incorporating sprinting into my weekly workouts is not only a great way to challenge my body but it helps my endurance, which benefits my overall running performance.

Warm up: 1 mile easy run

4 rounds of the following:

  • .25 mile sprint
  • 10 reverse plank slides
  • 40 one leg, high donkey kicks (20 each side)
  • 10 exercise ball plank tucks
  • 30 pistol squats (15 each side)

Cool down: 1 mile easy run and 10 minutes of slow stretching

Click here for another great Running workout.  My goal in posting weekly workouts is to help inspire you to keep at it, or to try something new.  Do what makes you happy and move your body!