Clean Eating Must Haves from Whole Foods

Clean Eating Must Haves from Whole Foods

In this post, Clean Eating Must Haves from Whole Foods, I talk about some of my favorite finds that are more clean eating and less processed foods.  This is the second part of my series (see the first post here) where I discuss my picks for mostly fresh foods that fall under the clean eating category.  In my first post (linked above) I listed a lot of pantry and packaged items since Thrive Market doesn't carry fresh produce.  In case you aren't aware, clean eating is a concept of limiting processed and refined foods from your daily food intake.

Living in a smaller town, there are not a lot of options for alternative grocery shopping.  Luckily there is a smaller Whole Foods and it's one of the closest health food stores in relation to where I live.  I frequent this store most often because of it's convenience.

Whole Foods has been a go to store for me since I was in college.  Sure, it's not cheap but prices are going down thanks to Amazon and if you stick to mostly SOUL (seasonal, organic, unprocessed, local) foods the bill tends to be less. Of course having a grocery list of mostly fresh foods will keep the bill low but also sticking to foods that are in season or on sale can help keep the bill lower.  If you want more tips, I have a post that's all about eating clean and healthy on a budget.

I usually go shopping with a planned out list.  However, sometimes I have to modify what I get based on what the store carries or what is on sale.  For example, asparagus is almost always somewhat expensive but when it's in season, usually in April and May, it can be reasonable.  That being said there are a few items I only go to Whole Foods for.  This changes a little when I am in a bigger city since bigger stores carry more variety of foods and products.  The items below are my main staples.

Must Haves from Whole Foods


  •   almost any fresh food for the most part, especially in season and local foods


  • Organic Chicken: There are almost always good sales on various pieces of chicken.  Bone in thighs are almost always less expensive so if there isn't a sale, I go for thighs.
  • Organic, Pastured Buffalo Meat: I don't eat red meat that often but when I do, the pastured meats are my go to.  They always taste the best and I am confident the animals had a pretty good life grazing on grass and roaming the pasture.
  • Heritage Pork:  Pork is another meat that I don't eat a lot of but Whole Foods does carry heritage pork products which is better than the stage 1 or 2 grade pork products.


  • Fish and shellfish: Arizona isn't exactly the place to buy fish but Whole Foods is one of the only places to get pretty good quality seafood.  Most of the seafood is previously frozen though.  Which isn't a bad thing when you are looking out for high histamine foods.  The longer a meat or fish is raw, the more histamines it contains.  At times, higher histamine foods don't settle well with me.  So, the previously frozen seafood is a good option for me.  There are almost always sales so being flexible with what types of fish is helpful too.

Non-dairy Milk

  • Almond Milk: New Barn almond milk is great because it's a pretty clean milk.  When I run out of gum free coconut milk from Thrive Market (see this post) and I don't have almonds or cashews to make my own milk, this has been a great alternative milk to use.  Many of the other nut milks have additives that don't agree with me, so this is a great option.
  • Malk Organics: My Whole Foods does not carry this brand but bigger city stores usually do.  This is an awesome brand of alternative milk because there are no gums at all and no added sugars or ingredients.  Just water, nuts (depending on what kind of Malk you get), Himalayan salt and maybe one or two other ingredients like vanilla or maple syrup.


  • Vital Farms Butter: I love this brand of butter because it's pretty affordable and the cows are pastured which means they roam free and graze on grasses and plants in the pasture.  This butter tastes really great and it is unsalted or sea salted.  Almost anything with sea salt is a winner in my book!


  • Eating Evolved: These are sometimes on sale, and when they are I get a couple.  I love these bars and cups because they are paleo and as clean as chocolate bars can be.
  • Siete Tortilla Chips:  I love the Siete foods tortilla chips and will splurge when there is a sale.  These are great when I want to make nachos or just have a crunchy snack.

These are some of my go-to products at Whole Foods.  This list changes a bit when I got to other Whole Foods stores.  Nonetheless I usually find good deals on these items at any store.  Trying to stock the grocery cart with mostly fresh foods is best.  However minimally processed foods and foods with less than 5 ingredients are part of my usual shopping trips.



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