Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks for 2017

Fall Athleisure Picks for 2017

I love fashion. I love yoga and running. I also love being comfortable. Enter athleisure!  Here are some Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks from the Freckled Food Nut, who's also a fitness nut!

Being in my mid-thirties, I'm past the point where I will wear clothes just to look good.  Long are the days when I wore dresses and shoes that made me feel itchy or uncomfortable.  Maybe it's a mom thing and maybe it's a thirties thing but looking good and feeling comfortable are possible.

Being a mostly stay at home mom and a running and yoga addict, I find wearing leggings and fitness gear the most comfortable.  I live in yoga leggings, Pact Leggings, Pact joggers and comfy tees and sweatshirts.  In this post, I'm showcasing my favorite brands and products.  I want to make sure I am offering information and products that I use personally.  I am not here to sell my readers on any product that comes along.  Educating and being of service is my goal.

It's important for me to be comfortable but also to support companies that offer safe and sustainable products.  The word sustainable gets thrown around quite a bit in this day and age.  What I mean when I say sustainable, is that the companies are ethical and fair in the making of their products.  There are so many clothing brands out there, so supporting good companies is what I'm about.

These are some of the styles I love and live in! Most are under a $100.  Getting the most bang for my buck has always been a goal when shopping.  Most athletic wear can be pricy and for good reason.  I have found all the clothing I spent less money on (regular priced clothing, not sales) has worn out with in a couple months of regular wear.  Regular wear meaning just for teaching and practicing yoga.  I don't usually lounge around in my yoga gear.

Once I figured out which brands I love, I have tried to shop sales which is excellent because then I get the same quality clothing but for less.  Duh.  The places I have posted below usually have regular sales or you can find them on amazon, most of the time for less than even in the store.  Check them out!

Here are my picks for Fall Athleisure

Pact Organic: This company is great and has really great sales, often.  When living on a budget, these sales can be everything!  I have signed up for their emails, which at times can get annoying I admit.  However, by having the emails, I am alerted to all their great sales.  Recently they had a sale where all the T-shirts were $7.00!  I could have bought a shirt in every style and color but held myself back of course.

Besides the joggers and leggings, I love, love their lounge tees and sweatshirts.  The t-shirts are super comfortable and breathe really well.  I have worn them for day to day and yoga practice.  These are my go to t-shirts for sure.  The Another great thing is that all the clothing is organic.

Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks                                         Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks

Evolve Fit Wear:  This company is great because you can get organic, bamboo and ethically sourced fitness wear but there are other things you can find as well.

Sweatshirts and Tops

Fall Fashion Athleisure PicksFall Fashion Athleisure Picks

Yoga Leggings

Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks            Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks         Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks

Amazon: Most people use amazon for various purchases and I will admit I was a hater for a while.  I used amazon in grad school for books and had a few mishaps with delivery so was not impressed.  Once we moved to a smaller town, my husband and I started purchasing a lot through amazon because of the convenience. I have also found that many things I used to purchase at more popular outdoor and fitness stores are less expensive (even sale prices in the stores) at amazon.  Here are some of my favorite looks from Prana via amazon.

Tops, a comfy dress and leggings

 Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks                         Fall Fashion Athleisure PicksFall Fashion Athleisure Picks

   Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks                       Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks                    Fall Fashion Athleisure Picks



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