Camping Near Sedona, Arizona

My husband, son and I went on a quick overnight camping trip last weekend.  Camping, in October?  Yep!  In the Sedona and Phoenix areas, camping from October to May is very tolerable.  Sedona is only about 45 minutes away from Flagstaff so it's easy to access for a fun little get away.  We camped near Sedona, in the Coconino National Forest.  The forest area is quite large with areas to camp from Flagstaff down to and around Sedona. The Sedona area is nice for camping because there is Oak Creek and other little creeks throughout the area.  Camping near water is the best.  I am not a huge fan of being hot or sweaty.  Both of these things tend to happen while camping.  Especially in a warmer climate.  So having a water source near the camping spot is always a seller for me.

Another reason I like to be near water is that I run almost every day or do some type of workout that involves getting nice and sweaty.  Plus being in the dirt and heat of the day also makes me feel dirty.  Being able to wade, sit or swim in some water always makes my camping experience better.  It's super refreshing.  The water is one of the best parts of camping near Sedona.

This camping trip was the first time we camped this season.  So my husband was totally stoked.  I wasn't as excited at first.  Camping is a lot like flying for me.  I would prefer not to do it but once I'm doing it, I end up really enjoying the experience.  This last trip was no exception.  Finding a place that is not a designated camp ground is most of the fun.  We ended up finding a really nice little area where there weren't many people around.

We headed East from the I-17 at the Sedona exit, which goes in the opposite direction of Sedona.  There are a few paid camping sites and a ton of open roads leading to various dead ends with opportunities for pulling off and setting up a tent, camper or RV.  The place we found close the the creek, was not accessible for trailers so the fact that we were car camping worked out well.  In October the days can get a little toasty south of Flagstaff, so having the water was nice for cooling off.

Although I like the sound of camping but am not usually super thrilled about going initially.  It takes a little convincing but I almost always have a blast.  I love being in nature, having a camp fire, eating off a camping stove or the fire and sitting around talking and having no electronics.  Camping really helps to clear out negative or stagnant energy as well.  Another thing I love about camping is the trail running.  I can trail run most days and almost year round in Flagstaff but it's always fun finding new places while being out in the wilderness.

I wasn't sure I was going to run while we were camping.  When we woke up in the morning, I was cold (it was about 45 degrees) and hungry.  Making food, drinking coffee and hanging out with my husband and son was a much more inviting idea.  After eating and playing in the creek I decided running would be the prefect ending to the camping trip.

Once the car was packed back up (it was just an over night trip) I set out to run the rough and rocky road we drove in on.  Once I was on the main road, I started to run hills.  I hadn't planned on getting a speed workout in but it just felt right. I posted my running workout this week for Fitness Friday (find it here).  After the hills, I ran a cool-down mile and met my husband and son toward the I-17 entrance to head back to Flagstaff.

All in all the trip was so relaxing and was nice to be out in the trees and dirt, away from regular life.  As cliché as it sounds, getting away from phones, computers and tv really is a great way to enjoy family and get back in touch with your self.  If camping isn't your thing, spend half the day sitting in nature or take a long walk in the wilderness.  It really does a soul good.