Fitness Friday, Trail Running Hill Workout

Fitness Friday, Trail Running Hill Workout

I am a huge fan of trail running.  Any chance I get to run a trail, most of the time I take it.  Earlier this week I posted about camping near Sedona, Arizona (see the post here).  If you have ever been to Sedona or seen pictures, you know how beautiful it is.  The red rocks and formations are amazing but the camping is even better.

Living in Flagstaff, there are great places to camp but one problem.  No water.  Water is like icing on the cake when camping, I think.  Camping in the Sedona area provides year round camping opportunities but also water in most places.  There are also a ton of non-camp ground camping spots which make it really fun.  Part of the fun is the abundance of trails.

Trail running has been a love of mine for quite some time.  So much so that I even chose to live in an area that was farther from where I worked and where most of my friends lived but it was close to trails.  I was able to run a mile or less and be on a trial.  I now live in a similar situation but have to deal with winter weather which makes trail running difficult.

Trail Running Hill Workout

Whenever I camp, running trails is something I really look forward too.  Almost more than the camping it's self.  This last camping trip turned out to be a great opportunity to get in a trail running hill workout.  Running trails alone can be enough of a workout depending on the trails.  This run was pretty easy compared to some of the other trail runs I've done.  It was mostly on small dirt roads with rocks as the biggest obstacle.

It prompted me to post this Fitness Friday Trail Running Hill Workout!

Warm-up: 1 mile easy trail run

Hill workout: Find a hill that is short but pretty steep or longer and more of a gradual incline.  Run up the hill at 75-85% max speed, turn around and run down nice and easy.  Repeat the process 4-8 times.

Cool-down: 1-2 miles easy trail run and stretch.

My goal in posting one of my weekly workouts, is to help inspire you to try something new or to motivate you to keep going.  Do what makes you happy and move your body!

Happy running!