Fitness Friday, Super Cardio-Bum Workout

This Cardio and Bum Workout post will help work the lungs and glute muscles.  Working my backside has become important, especially after having a baby.  Before getting pregnant I didn't really worry about my bum.  I ran and did yoga and that seemed to be enough.  After my first trimester, all of a sudden I saw my lower body start to change.  I'm not talking about my growing belly either. Alright, not really all of a sudden, but it seemed like it.  I have always been a fan of yoga pants and leggings.  When I taught physical education, yoga pants and leggings were my uniform.  They were super comfy, covered me up and allowed me to move freely while demonstrating exercises and what not.  I still wear leggings because I love them but also because I teach four to five yoga classes a week.  I also teach spin twice a week so wearing tighter clothes works better.

All that being said, focusing at least twice a week (if not most days) on bum and thigh exercises is important for toning.  I like to do toning exercises while I am working out or right after.  There are some days when I want to run but also incorporate toning or strengthening exercises.  I have posted a workout involving running and strength training that you can find here.

This Fitness Friday, Super Cardio-Bum Workout post, focuses on getting your heart rate up while toning the lower half of the body.  I love burpees for getting the heart rate up and for toning the whole body.  There are two sets of burpees with different variations.  Check it out below.

Cardio-Bum Workout:

Warm-up: Jog in place and jumping jacks, each for 1 minute.

Workout: Do the following exercises for 45-60 seconds each, taking either a 15 second (only if needed) or no rest in between.  Repeat three to four times.

  • criss-cross sumo squat jumps
  • burpee with 4 squat pulses (squat low and pulse 4 times after hopping up from the burpee)
  • lateral bounds (hopping from side to side)
  • double hop, jumping lunges (lunge twice each side, hopping into lunge and to switch sides)
  • high knees
  • Bulgarian split squat (15 each side)
  • burpee with a hop at the top

Cool down: Jog in place for one minute, march in place until you feel heart rate lower.

cardio bum workout


My goal in posting one of my workouts, is to help inspire you to try something new or to motivate you to keep going.  Do what makes you happy and move your body!