Fitness Friday, Plyo Workout for Runners

Running is my workout of choice.  It's my meditation.  When I get out and run, I forget about things that are bothering me or I somehow work through them.  I usually find more answers when I run rather than sitting and meditating.  It's really hard for me to shut my brain off and concentrate on one thing.  Just like many people I go through times of struggle and need more running time to work through things.  Running all the time can be stressful on my post natal body.  Enter cross training workouts like, Plyo workouts. This Plyo workout for runners targets the muscles used during running to strengthen the legs.  It also targets muscles not readily used during a long run, like moving from side to side and powerful push offs.  Distance runners don't use the power house muscles of the legs like sprinters do.  It is important to work these muscles though in order to become a stronger and even faster runner.

By doing cross training and speed work, I have noticed a huge difference in my daily runs as well as my race pace. I always took speed and strength training for granted when I was a high school runner.  My coaches would say today is a speed or interval day, and I did what they asked.  I never really thought it could help my over all race pace.

I am a firm believer in cross training in order to challenge different muscle groups.  Changing the speed throughout a run or changing up the exercises continually during a workout are all equally important for runners who want to improve.  Interval and speed work are also helpful with weight loss if that is a goal.  Keeping runs or workouts the same all the time allows the body to get used to the workout and muscles become comfortable with the routine.  Therefore, the body can plateau.

This plyo workout was really great for anyone but especially for runners.  Give it a few tries and watch the changes happen.  Here's a video of the exercises to go along with this workout!

Runners Plyo Workout

Warm up and cool down with a .5 or 1 mile run, each set is the total number, so 20 jumping lunges is 10 on each side.

Do as many rounds of these exercises as you like (I did 5 rounds):

  • 20 Jumping Lunges
  • 20 Lateral Hops (side to side)
  • 8 Box Jumps
  • 15-20 Low Squat Jumps
  • .25 (1/4) of a mile sprint

This workout is a good one.  I hope you enjoy it!



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