Fitness Friday, Hotel Room HIIT Workout

Having a hotel or temporary living space (while traveling) without a gym can make it difficult to stick to a fitness routine.  This is especially true when the location doesn't feel safe to exercise outdoors.  On our way back from Colorado a few weeks ago, my husband, son, dog and I stayed in a hotel near the airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  We thought the area would be alright as it was near the university.  Wrong!  Not only was the location awful the hotel left little to be desired. We have stayed in Albuquerque a few times before so knew it wasn't our favorite city.  It was a little closer to our home than Santa Fe so we decided it would be alright.  When we travel we prefer to stay in an Airbnb.  It's helpful because I have a hard time eating out, especially when I am not familiar with the restaurant so having a kitchen works best.  Plus Airbnb's provide the comfort of a home with the same or sometimes less expense of a hotel.

On the trip to Colorado we stayed in a shared room Airbnb, which was pretty awful!  Some of the experience I spoke about in my last traveling workout post (found here), but needless say we won't ever do a shared space again.  The accommodations for both the trip out and back left me with no way to safely run or workout in a gym.  It's a good thing I only needed a few feet of space to workout.

In the past couple years I have been really into HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts to supplement my running.  HIIT workouts are great because they help to tone the whole body and provide great cardio!  Additionally, a HIIT workout makes the body work hard so only a minimal amount of time is needed.  This  HIIT Workout took a little over 20 minutes (24 minutes to be exact) and I felt great with a mild muscle shake, the rest of the day.

Warm-up: jumping jacks for 1-2 minutes (I did 2 minutes).

4 rounds (or as many as you like) of the following exercises, each exercise performed for 1 minute.

  • Lateral Hops (hopping from side to side)
  • Low Squat with leg raise to the side (squat down low, on the way up, raise the right leg out to the side and back down, repeat alternating sides)
  • Forearm Plank with straight leg raise (from the plank, raise one leg up keeping the knee pretty straight until you feel glutes engage, squeeze and lower, switch sides and keep alternating until minute is up)
  • Burpee with a push-up and a hop at the top
  • Forearm plank, hip dips (in plank, dip hip to right then left and continue while engaging abs)

Hotel Room HIIT Workout

As you can see from the pictures, there wasn't a whole lot of room but I made it work and got a great workout in!  Let me know how this goes for you and happy Fitness Friday!