Movement Monday, Quick Energizing Yoga Sequence

Only have a few minutes to practice yoga or need an energy boost?  Try this Quick Energizing yoga sequence that takes about 4 minutes for both the right and left side of the body and will give you a ton of energy. No matter how you look at it, practicing yoga takes a time commitment. 

Sometimes there is time to take a 90 minute yoga class or a three hour workshop.  Other days it's hard to find even 5 minutes to spend practicing yoga.  I know this first hand.  Before having my son, I could spend a whole weekend at a retreat or workshop.  I even found the time to go to 75-90 minute yoga sessions at least three times a week.  Plus did at least 30 minutes a day of home practice.  Man those were the days!

Then, something a little more significant and definitely time consuming came into my life.  Yoga still has its place and importance, however my schedule doesn't allow for a lot of me time.  Before I had a child, the idea of practicing yoga for less than a half an hour was not ideal.  I thought it didn't really count if I didn't sweat or feel a little tired after.  Getting a good workout while working on my poses was my focus.

In the last few years, I've realized it's not about a "workout".  It's about moving my body and being in the present.  Using my breath to connect movements centers me and allows me to be present.  I also feel more connect to my body and feelings when I focus on my practice rather than working as hard as possible.  With time being an issue, finding ways to maximize my yoga practice has been a focus.

This yoga sequence is quick and energizing and will only take about 4 minutes if you do a round (one round is both right and left side).  If you want a longer practice, you can do as many rounds as you like!  It's the perfect way to get some energy to go about the rest of your day, with very little time commitment.  Check out the video below or by clicking here!



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