9 Yin Yoga Poses to Reduce The Heat of Summer


Summer is here and it’s starting to really heat up. On the Pacific Coast we went from rainy, 60 degree weather to sunny, 80 degree weather in about a day. Such a drastic change can be jarring for the body.

Once summer is in full swing many people are traveling, spending time at the pool or beach, having BBQ’s or just doing things outside more because it’s nice. With extra activity and warmer temperatures it can run the body down a bit.



Yin yoga is a great way to balance the excess heat and activity, along with other activities like adding more water and cooling foods to your diet. Slowing down with yoga or even taking a few moments to breath can help recharge the mind and body.

Yin yoga sessions can target certain areas of the body to help release tension and increase mobility in the body. This class will help you focus on inviting more calm and balance in the body with poses that will help you chill out. Think of inviting more cool feelings into the body with each breath. Imagining you are in a place where you feel at ease and relaxed can also bring calm into your whole being.

Enjoy the 50 minute class by following the sequence below or the audio from one of my live, online classes with Ompractice.

Reduce Summer Heat Yin Yoga Sequence


Belly Down Centering: Lay on your belly with elbows bent and hands stacked to support the forehead.


Sphinx Pose: Slide elbow under the shoulders with your forearms and palms parallel. Lengthen your tail bone toward you feet and relax the muscles in the legs. Stay here with your gaze in between the forearms or press the chest slightly forward and lift your gaze out in front. Hold 1-2 minutes. Move into seal iff desired by pressing into the palms and lifting the elbows away from the mat. Hold for 1 minute.


Broken Wing/Shoulder Stretch: Bring the forehead down while extending the right arm out to the side and placing the left palm next to the chest. Press into the left hand to roll yourself onto your right side. Stop when needed or continue until your completely laying on the right side and perhaps bend the left knee placing the left foot on the floor behind the right leg. Hold for 2-3 minutes before switching sides.


Malasana/Squat with head and neck release: Make your way from your belly to hands and knees. Press the hips up and back coming into downward facing dog. Walk the feet forward behind the wrists and turn the toes out slightly. Bend the knees bringing the sitting bones down toward the earth (option to place a block or pillow under your bum). Walk the hands out in front while keeping the hips low and release your head and neck. Hold 2-3minutes


Dangle: Walk the hands toward the body, turn the toes so the feet are parallel and gently straighten your knees, bringing the hips up while keeping the crown of the head working down. Put as much bend in the knees as needed to prevent pulling on the low back. Option to grab opposite elbows.

Please note: * means there’s a series of poses to hold only on the first side then repeat the sequence on the second side.


*Dragon poses: After dangling, step the feet back to downward facing dog. Step the right foot forward toward the hands. Place your back knee on the floor and stay here gazing forward or bring the hands to the front knee while extending out through the crown of the head for high flying dragon. Hold for 1-2 minutes. Next bring the hands down to the inside of the right foot. Step the foot out if needed so it’s inline with the hip. Keep the hands under the shoulders while releasing the hips and torso down and slightly forward. Stay here or bring the elbows to the floor or a block for low flying dragon. Stay here for 1-2 minutes.


*Dragon Splits/Half Splits: From a low lunge, with the left knee down, bring hands on either side of the right leg. Sift the weight into the hips and straighten the right knee. Hips work toward the left heel, hands are under shoulders on the earth or blocks. Release the head and neck and try to relax. Hold 2-3 minutes. Before switching to the left side for the dragon poses.


Cat Pulling it’s Tail: Come to sitting with feet out in front and knees bent. Twist to the right and extend the right leg while leaning back on the right arm and elbow. Bring the left knee down to the earth on the outside of the right leg. Bend the right knee and reach the left hand for the right foot. Stay here or lay down on your back. Keep the top knee bent or extend the leg out to the right. Hold 2 minutes and switch sides.


Happy Baby or Knees to Chest: Lay down with knees bent in toward the chest. Stay here or part the legs, reaching the arms in between the knees and reach for the outer edges of the ankles or feet. Keep knees bent while extending the feet upward the sky. Stay still in either pose or gently rock from side to side. Hold as long as you like.


Savasana: Laying on your back, extend the legs with heels hip distance apart. Relax the legs and back body. Place arms near your sides with some space between the arms and body. Turn your palms to face up, close your eyes and rest. Stay as long as you like!

Let me know how it goes and have a great weekend!



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