Cassava & Coconut Tortillas (gluten & grain free)

Last week I posted a picture of and an Instagram story with a picture of my gluten and grain free Cassava & Coconut Flour Tortillas.  I got a request to post the recipe.  These are my go to when I really want tacos or enchiladas.  I almost always stay away from corn and all the gluten free tortillas have something in them I don’t tolerate well.  Once again, making my own comes in handy!

Learning that making things myself is always a better option, was not an easy thing to learn.  I have always struggled with my health and gut issues but in the last 5 years I have focused on healing.  In this process, I learned that eating out for the most part is not a great option.  I have had some good luck eating at places in bigger cities but in my smallish town, I almost always get sick.

Another reason for getting my hands dirty in the kitchen is that there are three restaurants in my town that I almost never get sick.  But, who wants to eat the same meals all the time and pay over $10 for it?  It’s so much safer and cost effective to make things at home.  This way I am in control of the ingredients and can avoid any negative health effect.

Cassava & Coconut Tortillas

There is a great brand out there of paleo friendly tortillas and I love them.  Siete foods has a great product but it is pretty pricy in this small town and when they go on sale, the stores run out of them quick.  While I do splurge on the tortilla chips here and there, I almost never do on the tortillas.  I have come up with my own recipe using cassava and coconut flour and they are pretty darn tasty!

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 5.46.02 PM.png

These tortillas are soft and pretty easily adaptable.  They are a little delicate when rolling and transferring to the pan but after one side as been cooked, flipping is easy.  These Cassava & Coconut Flour Tortillas are best served warm but can also be eaten cold.



  1. Mix dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl. Add oil and warm water, stir with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon

  2. Heat a cast iron pan to medium-low heat. 

  3. once all ingredients are incorporated, take small sections of dough and roll into a ball that is about an inch or so. Use a tortilla press or flatten between two pieces of parchment paper. 

  4. Place tortilla in pan and cook for 2-3 minutes, flip and cook for another 2-3 minutes. The tortillas should have little light brown spots on them and still be soft like other tortillas. (can cook them longer to make tostada shells)

Give them a try and I bet you will love them too!

Happy cooking,