Movement Monday, Core Strengthening Yoga Sequence

The muscles through the torso and pelvic area are the core muscles of the body.  Many people do not focus on this area which can cause other muscle weakness or disfunction through the entire body.  For example, if the pelvic and hip muscles are weak, it might cause some tension in the legs or low back. 

It might seem weird but all the muscles of the body are connected and designed to work fluidly.  When one or two muscles are not working correctly, it will put more stress on other areas of the body causing some muscles to work too hard or not hard enough.  It's all about balance. Focusing on core exercises during workouts should be a priority. 

Core strength is important for everyday movement as well.  A weak core for active people might mean getting tired or feeling over worked, faster during a workout. For someone who is not as active, a weak core could mean pour posture or hip pain after sitting.  Every muscle in the body is designed to help the body move and function at it's best. Again, it's all about that balance.

Another reason for strengthening the core is feeling more confident.  If you have a weak core, maybe your middle doesn't look as great and therefore confidence levels are lower.  For many people, looking good during bakini season is important.  Adding these moves to your regular exercise routine a few times a week can help you improve core strength as well as upper body strength.  You can do the poses below or you can practice with my by going to my YouTube Channel and doing a 20 minute yoga video or try this Yoga Carve video for a more intense but quick workout.


Core Strengthening Yoga Sequence

Core Strengthening Yoga Sequence

Plank Pose: Start in a downward facing dog pose.  Inhale come bring the torso forward, allowing the shoulders to come inline with the wrists.  Lengthen the tailbone toward the heels and scoop the hips up, engaging the abdominals.


Four Limbed Staff Pose:  From plank pose, keeping the abs pulled in toward the spine, pitch the body slightly forward.  Exhale bending the elbows and slowly lowering toward the mat.  Hold at the bottom (for a few breaths or as long as you can), keeping the elbows working in toward the torso and shoulders even with the elbows.


Chair Pose: Come to standing (mountain pose,) with toes touching or feet slightly apart.  Inhale the arms up above your head and on your exhale bend the knees, like you are sitting back in a chair.  Keep the belly button pulled in toward the spine and the tailbone lengthening down toward the floor and in toward the pubis.  Try to sit deep, working the thighs toward parallel.


Locust Pose: Come to your belly, reaching the arms back toward the feet. Bring your forehead down either touching the earth or slightly lifted, keeping the head and neck in the same line as the spine. Inhale hollowing out the belly (belly button toward your spine). Exhale pressing the hips bones into the earth. On your next inhale, lift the head, neck and chest up. Maybe even your feet. Reach the fingers back toward the feet. Lengthen the tailbone toward the feet. This engages the muscles through the back body (the back spine).


Boat Pose:  Sitting on your bum, bend your knees and place the soles of the feet on the mat, hip width apart.  Reaching your arms out in front of you.  Start to lean back pulling your belly button toward your spine and keep extending out through the crown of your head.  Stay here, or pick up one foot or both feet bringing the shins parallel to the floor.  Keep breathing and hold for a few breaths or seconds.

Find a yoga video for strengthening the core on the Alternative Yoga Vibe YouTube channel by clicking here.



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