Fitness Friday, HIIT Spinning Workout

The best time for me to workout is the morning when my body feels light and energetic.  I tend to get tired and less motivated in the afternoon/evenings. I'm not a huge fan of afternoon or evening workouts, for this reason.  HIIT workouts are awesome because they challenge the body and are pretty quick.  I can get a good workout done in 30 minutes or less.  It comes in handy on days when my mornings are packed and I want to get in a good workout. I have been teaching spin at a high-end private club, for a few months now. 


Most day's there is no one to teach because it's a seasonal type of club with a few members who live in northern Arizona full time.  Most members have summer homes here and spend the majority of the year in the Phoenix area.  On the days I teach spin, I don't have enough time to head home, workout and go teach yoga at another place in town.  Instead, I stay and either run trails in the area or do a HIIT workout in the studio.

I like to use the bike here and there for my workouts just to keep things different.  I came up with this HIIT spinning workout last week.  It's a tough one for sure!  It took about 30 minutes but you can shorten or lengthen it depending on your needs.

HIIT Spinning Workout

Warm up with a couple minutes of spinning at a light tension and about 80 RPM's.  Do the following as many times as you like.  Each round takes about 8 minutes, depending on how quickly you hop off the bike and do each exercise.

  • Spin for 5 minutes, either as hard as you can or alternating 40-60 second sprints with 10-20 second recovery (still spinning but slower)

  • 15, in & out squat jumps holding a dumbbell (I used 10 lbs, but pick what feels best)

  • 15 exercise ball push-up with 2 tucks

  • 10 forearm plank, hip dips (10 each side)

  • 15 forearm plank knee taps (plank and then tap knees on the floor)

  • 15 mountain climbers

Cool down with a couple minutes of light spinning or jogging in place.  Make sure to stretch because you will surely feel this workout!



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