Fitness Friday, HIIT Workout for Whole Body Toning

If you have been following me, you know running is my exercise of choice.  However, my postpartum body is a bit different than it used to be.  Running keeps me in shape and keeps me sane.  This is all well and good but I need something more to keep my body in the shape I want.  I used to lift weights but after gaining a bunch of weight when I was abroad, I stopped.  I bought into the whole "I don't want to bulk up" mindset. 

Although it's false, it was something that stuck with me for a while. I no longer lift heavy weights like I used to mainly because I don't have a regular gym or the time.  I have found that I get toned muscles from yoga and other body weight exercises.  Lifting weights is something I would like to go back to at some point but for now, HIIT and yoga are where it's at.

This HIIT Workout for toning the whole body will get your heart rate up and target many of the larger muscles.  HIIT is great because it takes very little time, strengthens the body and improves cardiovascular endurance.  I've been using different workouts to supplement my running and yoga practice but HIIT is one of my favorites.

I threw this workout together the other morning and am still a little sore.  That's one thing I love about HIIT workouts, the muscle soreness.  I know it sounds insane but when my muscles are sore, I know I've done some good work.  (There is a difference though between sore and hurt!)

HIIT Workout for Whole Body Toning

The warm-up is one of the most important parts of any workout.  It prepares the muscles and body for more intense or longer workouts.  The cool down is equally important so the lactic acid in the muscles doesn't build up too much.  Here's the workout.

Warm-up: jumping jacks for 1.5 minutes

HIIT: Do the exercises for 45 seconds and rest 15 seconds.

4 rounds:

  • burpees

  • donkey kicks on all fours (do R side for 22 seconds, switch to L side for 22 seconds)

  • speed skater with arms swinging from side to side

  • jumping lunges

  • 5 push-ups, 10 mountain climbers (five each side)

  • plank hold

Cool down: jog in place 1.5 minutes, stretch

My goal in posting one of my weekly workouts, is to help inspire you to try something new or to motivate you to keep going.  Do what makes you happy and move your body!  Try another HIIT Workout by clicking here

Happy weekend,


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