HIIT Workout for Traveling

Working out while traveling can be tricky.  The motivation alone can be hard to get on board with but location can be a factor too.  If you're not staying at a hotel that has a gym finding space to workout can also be challenging.  So what is one to do?  This workout can be done with just a few feet of space and no equipment! On my last trip to Denver, we (husband, son and I) stayed in a small bedroom Airbnb space.  It was about a regular sized bedroom, with room on either side and at the foot of the bed.  Luckily this was enough space for me to get a quick 26 minute HIIT workout in!

Most of the time when I travel, I like to go for runs.  It helps me to get to know my surroundings but also allows me to see the charm of each place I visit.  We stayed in Santa Fe, a place we have been a few times.  So running would have been fun and scenic.  There were two problems that made me decide to do a quick HIIT workout instead.

The first being that both my husband and I didn't feel comfortable in the Airbnb we stayed in.  Normally if we stay in an Airbnb, it's a whole house or apartment.  We aren't big on sharing space with complete strangers.   Having a two year old makes the thought of staying in a shared space even more uncomfortable.  When we road trip, we bring our German Shepard, so have limited accommodations.  When booking the shared space option was over looked and finding a place we could have both a small child and dog was all that was checked in the accommodations boxes.

Lack of sleep was one issue and the second was that it was really early when we decided to get up after a full night of tossing and turning with little sleep.  So, running in an unfamiliar place, in the dark was not my idea of a good time.  I like to move my body in the morning, every day.  So, this traveling HIIT workout was the best to get my blood pumping and body moving.

You can do this traveling HIIT workout anywhere and you only need about 6 feet of room.  It is quick and gets hard so you know you have done some great work.  Sometimes the quick workouts are the hardest!

Traveling HIIT Workout

Start with marching or jogging in place for a minute or two, to warm up your body a bit.

Do the following exercises for 25 seconds and rest for 10-15 seconds in between.  I did five rounds in about 25 minutes but feel free to do as many as you like.

  • squat jumps

  • push-ups

  • mountain climbers

  • tuck jumps

  • triceps push-ups with a low hold every four push-ups

  • donkey kicks with a hop (place hands should width apart, kick feet up keeping knees bent and tucked, place feet down after the kick and jump up, repeat)

  • forearm plank with hip dips

Happy travels and working out!



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