Fitness Friday: Under 30 minute HIIT Workout

I teach yoga and spin at a private club in northern Arizona.  It's more of a seasonal club as many people come up from Phoenix in the summer to escape the heat.  There are a few people who stick around all year too.  Last week, I didn't have anyone show up to my spin class.  So after debating for about 15 minutes on if I should workout or not, I decided to do a quick 26 minute HIIT workout. Since I have been experiencing some pelvic floor and hip muscle pain I have been working on my glutes and trying more lateral movements.  Being a runner, I spend a lot of time moving forward, which can cause muscle weakness through the glutes and hips.  Focusing on doing other workouts to supplement my running is the name of my game.

I've had the opportunity to take some Barre3 classes and have been focusing on doing squats and lunges daily.  Which I think has helped some but love the quickness of a HIIT workout.  I'm hoping that by doing all this I will start to build even more strength in my abs and bum.

When I recorded this HIIT workout I wasn't even sure I wanted to workout.  But I always feel better when I move my body so decided to do a quick one.  To make the workout 26 minutes, I did four rounds of the following exercises but feel free to do as many as you like.  I've included a video for the exercises in case you need a demonstration.


HIIT workout:

Warm-up with 1-2 minutes of jumping rope.

3-4 rounds (or as many as you like), 45 seconds on, 15 seconds of rest.

  • jump rope

  • side plank to lunge with a hop (start in side plank, hold for a breath, bring the top leg forward and inline with the hand, step up with top leg planted and jump bringing back knee forward) 20 sec. each side

  • side to side low shuffle

  • speed skater

  • plank with 5 knee taps followed by 4 push-ups

  • jumping lunges with a squat (no video on this, just do a jumping lunge on each leg, with a full squat after-left leg forward lunge jump to right leg forward lunge jump to squat)

Enjoy the workout and let me know how it goes!