Fitness Friday: Whole Body Tabata Workout

HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Tabata workouts are great because they take very little time and work the whole body.  The intensity is high therefore, the benefits from the increased heart rate and breathing helps with endurance and overall cardio health. 

The intervals help keep the body guessing with the movements which allows muscles to move in different ways rather than the same way every time.  Plus the fact that it's quick makes it easy to fit into busy schedules. I have been using higher intensity workouts around three or four times a week.  This includes intervals in my running workouts.  Doing a HIIT or Tabata workout everyday is impossible because the intensity is so high.  If max effort is being spent, the body needs some time to recover, which is why it should only be done a few times a week.


Changing the speed, effort and type of exercises are key to any good interval workout.  It's also beneficial for weight loss if that's a goal but also for overall performance in the chosen sport.  As a runner, I would never get fast if I didn't work on changing my speed or effort during the week.  Running the same speed, course and mileage every day won't make me a better runner.  It's important to vary the type of exercise as well to give the body a break from running but also to work other muscles.  This is why most of the time I choose HIIT or Tabata workouts for my cross training.  I get a little of everything this way.

Here's a modified whole body Tabata workout that I did a couple weeks ago.  Even though it's modified, it's still a great one.  Regular Tabata workouts involve doing one or two exercises 8 times each for 4 minutes (that's 8 rounds of 20 seconds of exercise with a 10 second rest) then moving on to the next exercise or two.   This one does each exercise for 2 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

Modified Tabata Workout

Warm-up first with a minute or two of jogging, jumping rope, etc.  Do the following exercises, 2 x 20 second each.  Perform each exercise at least twice for 20 seconds each with 10 seconds rest.  You can do more than two rounds if you like.

  • squats

  • jumping jacks

  • lunges

  • butt kickers

  • push-ups

  • plank

  • mountain climbers

Cool down with the same warmup and take a couple minutes to stretch out.

Happy working out!!



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