5 Tips to Get Started for New (or Newer) Yoga Instructors

Yay, you just completed or will complete your yoga instructor training.  Now what?  Teach! Or maybe you're still on the fence.  Either way it's hard not to feel overwhelmed but excited at the same time.  After getting certified you can't wait to start teaching.  You contact studios and hear, "you need more experience" or "we are full".  You might even hear something to the effect of, start by volunteering or teaching free classes.  While that is great advice to get started but what if you want to pursue teaching full time?

First off , BREATHE!


It does take time for sure.  Maybe you get lucky and the studio where you took your training, hires you or you have a way of teaching corporate or private classes.  Great job however, most teachers aren't that lucky.  It takes time to build a following for sure.  It also takes some time getting a consistent class at a studio.  If you aren't that lucky but you know which studio you like, get on the substitute list.  It's a great start.  Hitting up a park and teaching weekly for free or for a donation can also help.

However, what if you don't have these opportunities?  It can be deflating to get a "no" at every turn.  Here are a few things to keep in mind throughout your journey.

  1. Everyone starts at the beginning: It's hard not to get caught up in the old, I'm not good enough or experienced enough routine. Hey, I've been there but realizing there is no yoga teacher who knows it all, is important. Even the most experienced yoga instructor has something he or she feels is a weakness. Plus, every amazing yoga teacher started in the same spot, at the beginning with no experience and new. It takes time to find what works for you and to gain more knowledge.

  2. Don't Give Up: Keep asking and trying even if you get 9 no's for every 10 times of asking. At some point, someone will give you a chance. Take every opportunity to teach. Sub classes, teach volunteer classes, just get the experience.

  3. Get out there and teach: It's so nerve racking teaching your first class, even your first few classes. But if you don't do it now, when will you? It's human nature to feel stressed or nervous when standing in front of a room full (or not very full) of people. Especially when everyone is hanging on your every word. Don't worry, it does get better! Practicing what you will say helps but the best option is getting out there and teaching.

  4. Invite humor into your teaching: Hey, everyone miss speaks or stagers here and there. This can happen to the most experienced teachers. What happens if you give the wrong cue? It's not as big a deal as it seems. Correct it, maybe even say something light or funny about it and move on. No one will hold it against you, because you're human.

  5. You Do You: Remember you bring something to the table no other yoga teacher can. No one else is like you. So embrace it and go with it. Don't try to teach like your favorite teacher or other teachers you have seen. Being you and honoring what you offer, makes your classes more authentic, which will draw people in and back to your classes.

Technically this is another tip, so you get six instead of five!  With everything, remember why you are teaching.  Why do you like or want to teach yoga?  Figure out your purpose and it will start to make your path a little more clear.  So, keep your head up, stick with it and teach!  Keep in mind that you make a difference!



 Disclaimer: The information on this website (Alt Yoga Vibe) is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for medical treatment or hands on instruction.  If you are experiencing any severe pain or symptoms, please consult a healthcare practitioner.