Twist Focused Yoga Flow

Hey all, Lately I've been feeling the twists in my personal practice.  Which is probably coming out in a lot of my teaching too. But hey, twists are GREAT!

I have been experiencing some back pain and tightness unrelated to yoga so getting a lot of twists in during my yoga practice and at the end of the day have started to relieve some of the stiff and achy muscles.  Doing anything physical (running, walking, yoga, lifting children, etc.) while experiencing back pain can create more issues.  So focusing on twists, along with core strengthening, help to strengthen and stretch the entire core.  Twisting poses also help to release tight muscles.

Twisting postures are also great for digestion.  By twisting your mid-section, it helps to get things moving in your digestive tract.  Keeping things regular is always an important idea.  Plus, getting things moving cuts back on belly bloat.  Who doesn't want to look a little smaller in the middle?  Am I right?

Give this yoga flow a try and see how great you feel afterward.  Want more?  Scroll to the bottom for my free 6-Day Yoga + Nutrition Detox Challenge.  Did I mention it's free?  Because it is!!

Twist Focused Vinyasa Yoga Video

Here's a written sequence in case you want this instead of a video.

Twist Focused Vinyasa Yoga Sequence

**Note: Vinyasa for this sequence involves: Coming into plank or top of a pushup, exhaling while lowering the body down through chatarunga, inhale to cobra or upward facing dog, exhale to downward facing dog.  Feel free to take them as you feel necessary.**

**Note: All poses after the sun salutations transition from downward facing dog**

Surya Namaskar B (sun salutation B)


Downward Facing Dog with a Twist: In downward facing dog, step feet as wide as the mat.  Inhale lifting the right hand, reaching for the outer left shin or ankle.  Exhale and deepen the twist with the torso, gazing out under the left arm.  Hold for a few breaths, take a vinyasa if you wish and switch sides.


Three Leg Downward Dog with Knee to Nose (core strengthening moves): Inhale lifting the right leg high (three legged dog), exhale bring the right knee toward your nose, inhale to three legged dog, exhale knee toward left elbow (twisting and squeezing the core), inhale three legged dog.


Revolved Crescent Lunge: Step your right foot forward between your hands.  Inhale lifting the torso and arms upright (option to bring the left knee down to the floor for a modified lunge).  Hold for a breath.  Inhale bringing the palms to touch and down to heart center.  Exhale twisting the torso to the right.  Option to hook the left elbow to the outside of the right knee.  Hold for a few breaths, take a vinyasa and repeat on the second side.


Pyramid Pose: Step right foot between hands, slide the left foot up a few inches, turn the heel down and to a 45 degree angle (think warrior I feet).  Inhale the torso up, exhale straightening the right leg.  Inhale lengthening through the torso and crown of your head.  Exhale and fold forward.  Hold, take a vinyasa (if you like) and switch sides.


Warrior III to Revolved Half Moon:  Come to the back of your mat, standing in mountain pose.  Lift the right knee up toward your chest, step toward the center of your mat.  Keep moving forward, bringing the weight into the right leg, as you bring your torso forward, lifting the left leg up.  The left leg and torso should be in the same line.  Hold for a breath with the belly button toward your spine.  Reach your hands down toward the mat, keeping the hands under the shoulders.  On an exhale, start to turn your chest toward the right, lifting the right arm upward.  Hold a few breaths.  On an inhale bring the right hand down, exhale bringing the left leg down to meet the right leg.  Repeat the same sequence on the second side.


Side Plank Hugs: From downward dog, inhale the torso forward into plank (top of a push up).  Turn the right hand out slightly, keeping the palm under the shoulder.  Roll over on the outer edge of the right foot, stacking the feet (option to bring the top leg to the center of the mat for support).  Reach your left hand up, stay here or exhale reaching the left hand under the body as you twist from the torso.  Do as many reps as you like.  Come back to plank and switch sides.


Goddess Pose with a Twist: Step feet wide, turning toes out so that when you bend your knees, your knees are tracking toward your toes.  On an inhale, bend the knees reaching the tailbone toward the floor, making sure the torso is upright.  Bring your hands to your upper thighs near the knees.  Exhale twisting the torso to the left, dipping the right shoulder down and gazing up over the left shoulder.  Hold a few breaths and switch sides.


Seated Spinal Twist: Come to sitting with legs extended out in front.  Inhale your right knee in toward your chest.  Exhale reaching your right hand behind your hips.  Inhale your left arm up, exhale twisting the torso to the right, bringing your left elbow to the outside of your right knee (or hug the knee with the left elbow).  Continue to extend out through the crown of your head, exhale twisting.  Hold a few breaths, release and repeat on the second side.


Happy Baby Pose:  Lay on your back, bringing your knees in toward your chest.  Open the knees out to the sides, bringing the arms in between the legs.  Reach your hands toward your outer ankles or feet.  Extend your feet upward, keeping the knees bent and working the inner thighs alongside the body.  Work the tailbone down and try to relax the upper body.  Hold for a few breaths.  Rock side to side if you like.

Take savasana (corpse pose) if you like.



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