Holistic Wellness Coaching

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or have lived with one for years, I can help.

Wellness can be hard to navigate especially when there are special circumstances involved like an autoimmune condition. We all want to live a happy and healthy life but health and wellness information can be confusing, misleading or non-existent. A lack of support from health professionals is becoming an increasing problem. I should know, I received a diagnosis of Celiac Disease with no followup or other information.

Getting support to achieve or maintain optimal health is possible. Here you’ll discover a wealth of resources including programs that can help, whether you’re just starting on your journey or looking to take your health to the next level. You’ll also find recipes and insights on everything from nutrition, self-care, and mindful living.

Coaching Info.

Wellness coaching for autoimmune disease is designed to fit your lifestyle. I’m here to help you make healthy and sustainable changes that will heal the body from the inside out. Providing support and encouragement every step of the way is an important part of the coaching process.

Things I can help you with:

  • Learning more about your disease and maintaining a positive mindset

  • Easy, sustainable changes to balance food, movement and mindfulness with a busy schedule

  • Stress management

  • Self-care tips

  • Holistic nutrition changes

  • Plus many other areas

As a wellness coach, I use a holistic approach (whole person) that will help you flourish mentally, physically and emotionally. Find out more about my credentials here.

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What I cannot do:

As I wellness coach, I can provide support and advice in living a whole life while dealing with an autoimmune disease. While I am a certified holistic nutritionist and yoga teachers, I am NOT a dietitian, personal trainer, therapist, psychologist or doctor. Click here for more about my qualifications.