Schedule of Online Classes & Workshops


Making yoga available to more people is key. Therefore bringing yoga to people in their homes and local venues in order to reach a broader community. Check out workshops, online and pop-up classes below.

You can view scheduled workshops that happen throughout the year here as well. Note that workshops require registration.



3:30-4:20pm PST

Yin Yoga

Come slow down and focus on the connective tissues of your body. Each class targets various meridians and areas of the body.


Tuesday & Thursday

2:30-3:30pm PST

Flow to Yin Yoga

Start the class linking breath to movement and ending with longer held poses targeting the deep tissues.


9:00-9:50am PST

Vinyasa for Athletic Conditioning

Most athletes are tight in areas of the body that are used often, while weak in the more unused areas. This class focuses on building strength in weak areas while working on flexibility of muscles that are used most often.


8:30-9:20am PST

Core Vinyasa Yoga

Build strength throughout the whole core (front, sides & back body) while linking breath to movement.