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Experience a less traditional way to practice yoga. Taking yoga outside of a studio setting makes things less intimidating and more fun.

In this busy world, sometimes it’s hard to get to a class. Maybe you are new to yoga or have an injury that prevents you from attending group classes. Private yoga sessions or online group classes might be your answer.

Group classes might be more your bag. Taking online live classes or attending a pop-up class is a great option!

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Private sessions can be done in-person or online via Skype. Group sessions are in-person via pop-up classes or live online classes.


Yoga for Runners

Yoga for runners helps athletes find a way to build strength and flexibility through yoga poses.  This is perfect for cross training days or adding strength to your routine.  Focusing on the whole can help build strength in areas that are otherwise neglected.  Stretching the muscles can also help improve everyday movement as well as performance.



Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga links breath to movement, which can help you become more aware of the breath throughout your day.  Learn to apply alignment and muscle engagement while using the breath to move through poses.  Vinyasa yoga can help you expand mind and body awareness, while building strength and stamina.


Flow To Yin Yoga

Flow or vinyasa yoga are great ways to connect your body to movement. Yin yoga gives the body a gentle release after holding a pose for an extended period of time. Combining flow and yin yoga elements can aid in a more balanced practice.


Yin Yoga for Runners

Yin Yoga classes target deeper connective tissues of the body.  This form of yoga is a little different because poses are held for longer periods of time.  The practitioner is encouraged to feel the sensations of the body while learning to focus the breath during the various postures. The connection with the body and mind can be more enhanced with this type of practice.




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